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Okay, this is now the second attempt at this.

The only posts allowed in this thread are twitter / Facebook / news / etc updates about transfers linked to IU.  Any updates, big or small, can be posted.  If you post something that is not an update, you're in luck!  You can delete your own posts or report your own post and we'll delete it for you.  Everyone makes mistakes, we get it.  All other offenders will receive a 24 hour posting (but not viewing) ban.  

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Good recap as a jumping off point. Thanks to the thievery of @OGIUAndy. 😀

Stolen from the other site 😀

Links to player pages who we have heard IU has contacted.  

Chris Ledlum, 6'6" forward, Harvard.  Two years of eligibility left.  https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/player/stats/_/id/4431728/chris-ledlum  (IU has an at-home visit date set)

Nicolas Timberlake, 6'4" shooting guard, Towson State.  One year of elibility left.  IU had an at-home visit yesterday.  https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/player/stats/_/id/4397595/nicolas-timberlake

Kowacie Reeves, 6'6" wing, Florida.  IU had/will have an at home visit.  https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/player/stats/_/id/4683757/kowacie-reeves

Jamison Battle, 6'7" forward, Minnesota. In home visit scheduled. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/player/stats/_/id/4431893/jamison-battle

Graham Ike, 6'9" center, Wyoming.  https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/player/stats/_/id/4703396/graham-ike

 Joe Girard, 6'1" guard, Syracuse.  https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/player/stats/_/id/4431746/joseph-girard-iii

Puff Johnson, 6'8" forward, North Carolina.  Two years of eligibility left.  https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/player/stats/_/id/4701846/puff-johnson

Payton Sparks, 6'9" center, Ball State.  Visiting IU.  https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/player/_/id/4898008/payton-sparks

Jace Carter, 6'5" guard, UIC.  https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/player/_/id/4898186/jace-carter

Kedin Shedrick,, 6’11" center, Virginia. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/player/_/id/4431710/kadin-shedrick

Quincy Olivari, 6’3” guard, Rice  https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/player/stats/_/id/4432070/quincy-olivari

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