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I think so.  My recollection is that Allen said he wanted a skill position guy on offense and an O-lineman and a D-lineman.  

There were some rumors that Chance Nolan from Oregon State needed to finish the semester before being able to transfer.   I don’t know if he’d still be in the mix but he’s experienced and would balance out the experience level in the QB room.  

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40 minutes ago, btownqb said:

All KINDS of guys entering the portal. Surprised we've only had one. 

I agree. Thing is, unless you’re looking for NIL $, seems like IU would be a great place to get some PT. But that would mean I understand why those who we’re getting PT transfer and I definitely do not. Will be interesting to see if we end up with another QB. I can’t believe we won’t. 

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14 minutes ago, MoyeCowbell said:

There's usually one game a season that we're able to hang around because of great punts and good field position. Glad that ST aren't an afterthought.


@BobSaccamanno great point. My dad and I were talking about this exact thing last week. 

If you were an elite punter, kicker, long snapper.... why would you come to IU if you WEREN'T getting a schollie, ya know? 

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1 hour ago, BobSaccamanno said:

From Mike, @The Daily Hoosier,  friend of the site, on some other portal visitors.   Some decent profiles here in terms of potential this late in the process:


Quality depth is massive.    

I liked the latest addition because he had 4 years of eligibility left. He only played in 3 games last year. 

Sidenote-- I have NEVER seen so many people quote tweet a transfer and wish them luck. Holy cow. Harrison (the latest transfer) has made a good impression at AZST and in HS. 

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