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4/21-4/23 (H) vs. Ohio


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Projected to go

Fri- Ey

Sat- Sinnard

Sun- Manase (in his opener role)


No issues here. Ey threw 65 pitches last Sat, so he should be good to go on "short" rest. They seem headstrong to keep Sinnard in the Saturday role, there is a couple of worries there when we get to the postseason/last week of the year... but, it's not a "bad" strategy, and until last weekend, Sinnard had been money in the Game 2 role. 

Ey is starting and he didn't give you 6 innings last time... but anytime, from here on out that he gives you 4+ innings... that's perfect. Kraft, Risedorph, Foley, and Yoho out of the pen, along with spot innings from others, can get us through the rest of the way. 

Hayden, Bothwell, Levy---- can we get 2 of those guys get going? What do we get from Ethan Phillips, after his marvelous performance against UL, the rest of the way? Seiler what can we get from him? 

Whiteaker-- haven't seen him in awhile, same with Ayden Decker-Petty. 

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Manase to start tomorrow. 

Yoho can throw. They might like to save him if at all possible, though. 

Foley, Levy?, Burton, Whiteaker, ADP, Katskee... 

I think tomorrow will be treated like a midweek game, truthfully. Especially if the offense can go. Avoid over working Yoho and Foley if at all possible/save them for Ball St Tues. 

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Early offense today makes it easy on Mercer. They've thrown a ton of dudes this weekend. Make it bp at the plate and we can withstand giving up 5-7 runs or whatever and still win. Today isn't about style. 

#1- go win

#2- save your top arms ... next weekend probably decides the conference champion 

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