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5/12-5/14 vs Purdue (H)


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Weather looks interesting to say the least. We'll see if we are able to play on the scheduled times...

Friday- 6pm

Saturday- 1pm

Sunday- Noon 


These #s look a little difference in conference play. They only have two guys over .300 in conference play. Of note, Paul Toetz went to IU for 2 seasons, RS one year and was All B1G FR the next year and then decided going to Purdue was a good choice.  


Pitching wise...these are conference numbers only... they're going to start Stephen, Iwinski, and Blackwell. They've started nearly every weekend game for them all year. It appears they're usually given a pretty lengthy leash, they all average over 5 innings per start. 



Sinnard will start Game 1 and they will hopefully only have to use he and Yoho to win game 1. Risedorph, Foley won't be available. Maybe Foley could throw Saturday? I think they'd want to wait to use Risedorph on Sunday, given how often he's been throwing. 

Phillips could throw on Friday if you need a middle reliever. 

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1 minute ago, thirdgenhoosier said:

@btownqb, it's going to take you a long time to put together all of the highlight clips from that 26-11 victory tonight!!

Yep. Really big outcome tonight for a lot of reasons... 

Sinnard only had to throw 90p, he will throw TH against MSU (short rest) but didn't have to throw him 110+... 

Yoho didn't have to throw at all. 

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