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REMINDER - No politics

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On 6/11/2023 at 4:16 PM, HoosierFaithful said:

Hi all -

We're doubling down on our rules here related to no politics on this board.  We're kindly asking folks to self-police and remember the many requests we've made to adhere to this.  We'll have a quick trigger finger for offending posts.

No problem here.

But...you might want to consider changing your avatar since it looks like RFK, and that's about as political as it gets.

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On 6/13/2023 at 6:26 PM, HoosierFaithful said:

? I feel fine about my avatar, it's not anything related to my post.  We aren't in the business of creating rules about who members can and cannot feature in their avatars, though I admit just about nobody would get mad about an adorable golden ;) 

LBJ hated the Kennedys.  You can guess what I think about LBJ. Therefore, among other reasons, the Kennedys are fine by me. 😉 

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