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Cody Latimer makes the team.


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When Cody broke into the league, he had a whole host of great receivers on the Bronco's roster ahead of him.  It' been a tough nut to crack.  Peyton Manning basically ignored Cody, preferring to utilize Demarious Thomas, and Emmanual Sanders.  This year, Cody has moved up on the depth chart.... being listed behind Sanders, for the first time, that I can recall.  The Bronco's have said that Cody may be the best blocking receiver on the team.... but also don't like the fact that he continues to struggle getting separation.

And then there was the nightclub dust up in Dayton, Ohio, this past February.  That did not set well with John Elway.  Cody got into a scuffle with a bouncer, and had to be pepper sprayed.


To answer your question.  I think Cody is a good kid. The nightclub incident aside, where he claims he was just trying to protect his uncle.  The first two years, Cody, on local tv admitted that he was not working as hard as he could have.  But seems to have changed that.....  which may be a contributing factor in not getting cut this year

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2 hours ago, Muddy River said:

I find the timing of this somewhat ironic coming on the heels of Coach Allen defending his use of Westbrook on Special teams, in part, because Special Teams is how you can make and stay on an NFL roster.

Absolutely right about making the team in the NFL, based on Special Teams performances.  No finer example than Terrell Davis of the Broncos.  Who was inducted in the Football Hall of Fame this summer in Canton, Ohio.  And was named the All-Star in one of the Denver Bronco's Super Bowl wins.

Terrell was about to be cut his rookie season.  He was down to his final exhibition game, when he made this hit. On defense.... no less.

Road to the Hall: Terrell Davis' breakout hit in Japan - YouTube

That ONE hit turned the heads of the Bronco brass at the time. Because of that hit they decided not to cut Terrell.   And the rest is history.



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