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Prior to the game honoring Hep. Terry Hutchins, shares....


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16 hours ago, Kodos said:

I like to think of Tom Allen as the new Hep.

I say the same thing Kodos.  He's our modern day Hep.  He brings the passion for IUFB and the local flavor.  He's well received by the state's high school coaches as well.


1 hour ago, Colonialcrester said:

I truly believe that Hep would have made IU into a competitive team.  A real loss for Indiana sports.

No argument here.  I don't think he would have made us into a GREAT team, but competitive.  I think he would get us to about where CKW got us.  He wasn't a great coach, but was definitely a great person.  That's what we hold so near and dear to our hearts.  His passion.  His love.  His charisma. 

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