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Indiana All Stars vs. Indiana All Stars

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Going to the all-star game last night got me in an all-star mood.  So, I began to think to myself.....What is the best Indiana All-Star team over the last 15-20 years.  And, then I thought, why not have a 'tournament' on this board to help determine that.  To make things easy for the bracketing aspect of it, we will look at the last 16 years only.  No seeding, just a bracket that looks like this:

2018 vs 2003

2017 vs 2004

2016 vs 2005

2015 vs 2006

2014 vs 2007

2013 vs 2008

2012 vs 2009

2011 vs 2010

I will provide rosters for each matchup in a separate post.  Voting for first round games will be open until 11:00 PM Wednesday.  Once we have an Elite 8, we will vote down to a Final Four, then a Final 2, and pick a champion.  But, don't vote on those other rounds now.  Only select your winners for the Sweet 16 matchups.  Feel free to provide analysis as to why you voted the way you did



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2018 Roster:

  • Romeo Langford (Mr Basketball)
  • Robert Phinisee
  • Chance Coyle
  • Aaron Henry
  • Sean East
  • Jarron Coleman
  • Damezi Anderson
  • De'Avion Washington
  • Eric Hunter
  • Dean Tate
  • Mekhi Lairy
  • Gavin Bizeau
  • Kevin Essley


2003 Roster

  • Justin Cage (Mr. Basketball)
  • Kenneth Harris
  • Beau Bauer
  • Sonnt Troutman
  • Austin Montgomery
  • Erek Suhr
  • Peyton Stovall
  • Parnell Smith
  • Dan Cage
  • David Barlow
  • Stanley Burrell
  • Andrew Hershberger
  • Brandon Crone
  • Adam Lidell
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2017 Roster

  • Kris Wilkes (Mr. Basketball)
  • Jack Nunge
  • Sasha Stefanovic
  • Mack Smith
  • Zach Gunn
  • Kyle Magus
  • Jermaine Couisnard
  • Jaylen Minnett
  • Jalen Adaway
  • Cooper Neese
  • Grant Smith
  • Michael Ertel


2004 Roster

  • AJ Ratliff (Mr, Basketball)
  • AJ Graves
  • James Hardy
  • Anthony PAssley
  • Courtney Lee
  • Bil Duany
  • Gary Patterson
  • Doug Sheckler
  • Wesley Clemmons
  • Peter Minchella
  • JR Angle
  • George Hill
  • Justin Barnard
  • Joe Reitz
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2016 Roster

  • Kyle Guy (Mr. Basketball)
  • Dru Smith
  • Eigene German
  • CJ Walker
  • Brachen Hazen
  • Damien Jefferson
  • Kyle Mallers
  • Tremell Murphy
  • Grant Gelon
  • Tucker Blackwell
  • Joey Brunk
  • Desmond Bane


2005 Roster

  • Luke Zeller (Mr. Basketball)
  • Dominic James
  • Nick rogers
  • Jason Holsinger
  • Jordan Armstrong
  • Josh Mayo
  • Derek Drews
  • Brandon McPherson
  • Adam Arnold
  • Armon Bassett
  • Darren Cloud
  • Jeremy Holland
  • Shawntes Gary




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2015 Roster

  • Caleb Swanigan
  • Joel Okafor
  • Harris Brown
  • Devin Cannady
  • Ryan Cline
  • Jaelen Sanford
  • Ryan Fazekas
  • KJ Walton
  • Sean McDermott
  • Ryan Welage
  • Matt Holba
  • Tahjai Teague
  • Derrik Smits
  • Josh Speidel


2006 Roster

  • Greg Oden
  • Mike Conley
  • Luke Harangody
  • Chris Kramer
  • Cole Holmstrom
  • Andrew Warren 
  • Vaughn Duggins
  • Curtis White
  • Grant Leiendecker
  • DeJovaun Sawyer-Davis
  • Antonio Ballard
  • Brandom Hopf
  • Jamil Tucker
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2014 Roster

  • Trey Lyles (Mr. Basketball)
  • James Blackmon Jr
  • Grant Evans
  • Tayler Persons
  • DJ McCall 
  • PJ Thompson
  • Bryant McIntosh
  • Jeremie Tyler
  • Zach McRoberts
  • Mack Mercer
  • Tevon Bluiett
  • Sean Sellers
  • Tyler Wideman


2007 Roster

  • Eric Gordon (Mr. Basketball)
  • Michael Bizoukas
  • Nate Blank
  • Ben Botts
  • Bryan Bouchie
  • Zach Hahn
  • Clint Hopf
  • Matt Howard
  • Robbie Hummel
  • JaJaun Johnson
  • Eshaunte Jones
  • Scott Martin
  • E'Twaun Moore
  • Jeff Teague
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2013 Roster

  • Zak Irvin (Mr. Basketball)
  • Michael Volovic
  • Bryson Scott
  • Devin Davis
  • Mike Crawford
  • Collin Hartman
  • VJ Beachem
  • Clay Yeo
  • Basil Smotherman
  • Blake Simmons
  • Demetrius Jackson
  • Michael Schlotman
  • Darius Latham


2008 Roster

  • Tyler Zeller (Mr. Basketball)
  • Julian Mavunga
  • Daniel Moore
  • Randy Davis
  • Larry Stone Jr.
  • Zack Novak
  • Braydon Hobbs
  • Kyle Kuric
  • Alez Young
  • Gordon Hayward
  • Chase Stigall
  • Julius Mays
  • Garrett Butcher
  • Walter Offutt


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2012 Roster

  • Gary Harris (Mr. Basketball)
  • DJ Balentine
  • Ron Patterson
  • Glenn Robinson III
  • Kellen Dunham
  • DeJaun Marrero
  • Nick Osborne
  • Austin Burgett
  • Jeremy Hollowell
  • Ronnie Johnson
  • Yogi Ferrell
  • Patrick Ingram
  • RJ Hunter


2009 Roster

  • Jordan Hulls (Mr. Basketball)
  • Bruce Grimm Jr
  • Derek Elston
  • DJ Byrd
  • Scott Wood
  • Colt Ryan
  • Jake Odum
  • Kendal Brown
  • Patrick Bade
  • Justin Jordan
  • Stephen Van Treese
  • Matt Kenney
  • Erick Peck
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2011 Roster

  • Cody Zeller - Mr. Basketball)
  • Adonis Filer
  • Joe Crisman
  • Eric Stutz
  • Nic Moore
  • Branden Dawson
  • Andrew Smeathers
  • Marquis Teague
  • Austin Richie 
  • Justin Grant
  • Dee Davis
  • Austin Etherington
  • Chris Whitehead


2010 Roster 

  • DeShaun Thomas (Mr. Basketball)
  • Terone Johnson
  • Chrishawn Hopkins
  • Travis Carroll
  • Russell Byrd
  • Donnie Hale
  • Jake Kitchell
  • Erik Fromm
  • Julien Boatner
  • Kegan Clark
  • Michael Harris
  • Neal Beshears
  • Daniel Turner
  • Tyrae Robinson
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Interesting side note.  Reggie Hearn, who played college ball at Northwestern, played in 3 NBA games last season.  He graduated from FW Snider in 2009, and apparently did not even make the Indiana all-star team that year.  To the best of my knowledge, no player that actually made the all-star team that year has played in the NBA.  I checked Scott Wood to be sure, and while he played in the preaseason one year, he never played in a regular season NBA game.

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I'm too lazy to figure out the whole bracket but my final foul is 04, 06, 07, 12, with 11 getting an honorable mention due to what I would think of them as a "team first" group of all star guys.  

I"m going to go with 2012, modern day small ball kill you with speed and shooting.  Yogi, Gary Harris, Kellen Dunham, Glenn Rob 3, and I'll put DJ Balentine as the guard any high school kid on the court guy.  I lived in Kokomo when he led them to the championship.  Looks out of shape.  Deceptive athleticism.  Scorer.  Can hit crazy shots.  He single handily bumped Kellen Dunham out of the tournament.  They were both taking turns once they crossed half court, letting it fly.  Balentine nailed one to send it to ot then banked in the game winner.  It was nuts.  They both put on a show.  

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Here is how I see the first round going.  Doesn't mean this is who will advance, because eligible votes from all posters will be counted.

2018 over 2003 - 2018 has not proven anything, and, as evidenced by their loss to Kentucky on Friday, they have a long way to go to match the hype.  But, 2003 is lacking in high major talent, let alone NBA talent.

2004 over 2017 - Long time NBA players Courtney Lee & George Hill use experience to offset the size of Kris Wilkes and Jack Nunge in one of the more evenly matched first round games.

2005 over 2106 - Dominic James to Luke Zeller is too much for the younger crew despite a big game from Kyle Guy.

2006 over 2015 - Oden, Conley, & Harangody make Biggie feel small in a dominating win.

2007 over 2014 - Lyles, Blackmon, McIntosh, Blueitt, and Wideman is not a bad 5.  But, it's not Gordon, Hummell, Howard, Johnson, Moore, & Teague.  Bad draw for 2014.

2008 over 2013 - Gordon Hayward rebounds a Devin Davis missed free throw and banks in a half-court shot at the buzzer to squeak out a victory.

2012 over 2009 - Harris, Robinson, Ferrell, & Hunter all played in the NBA last year.  No one on the 2009 squad ever played in the NBA.

2011 over 2010 - Big Handsome and the 2011 team pulls away in the second half after the coach finally benches Marquis Teague.



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8 minutes ago, 5fouls said:

Josh McRoberts would have been on the 2005 team.  Does anyone recall why he did not play?  I seem to remember there beig a story around it, but I don't recall the details.

Because Luke Z won Mr. Basketball and Josh is an enormous baby.  He made the right decision in going to Duke.

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1 hour ago, 5fouls said:

Josh McRoberts would have been on the 2005 team.  Does anyone recall why he did not play?  I seem to remember there beig a story around it, but I don't recall the details.

I will find out, I had forgot about that.

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5 hours ago, dbmhoosier said:

Because Luke Z won Mr. Basketball and Josh is an enormous baby.  He made the right decision in going to Duke.

That is it in a nutshell.  He made some excuse about his back, but everyone knew he was pouting about Mr. Basketball.  IIRC, his Carmel team didn't get out of sectional or something like that.  Luke Zeller took his Washington team to a state championship and won it on this dramatic shot:


Hey, we all know that McRoberts was a better talent, but people love a winner and hate a whiner and that shot most assuredly won Mr. Basketball for Luke Z.  That's also why it seems so ironic that Josh's younger brother is such a great teammate.  Here's hoping that over the years, Josh grew up and told Zach, "man, I made a huge mistake and it cost my reputation a lot in the state of Indiana."  Whatever the case, it appears that Zach most definitely learned from his older brother's bad decision.

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