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Iu media day 2pm Watch here


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That was fun.... watching Coach. Live. 

Loved when Rabjohns asked Archie who he was looking to be his scorers this season..... Archie immediately talked about De'Ron first.  Talking about how great his hands and footwork were.  (What ? What ?   Me talk about De'Ron ?  LOL )

Thanks Kev. WIthout your post, I would have missed this.

For those that were not able to view live.... it will be posted on line later.... at least that is what they said. 

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Archie sounded like a straight shooter; he provided some good insight on where the players were in their development.  And he wasn't hesitant to outline areas for improvement.  I hope he is successful in coaxing Morgan to be more aggressive offensively because I think that's a key in their success this year.   

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A couple quick takeaways-

Clifton Moore has gained 14 lbs and is up to 220. Archie likes his length and said he will be a star.

Devonte Green is an "Indiana Defender"  which I imagine will help keep him on the floor.

After Davis and RoJo, Morgan could be our next biggest scoring threat.

Not much said about CuJo or Justin Smith. 

Newkirk is the primary PG, but expect to see Al, RoJo and Devonte get time there as well.

RoJo is in great shape, Collin very smart, Race picking thing ups but needs to improve his athleticism.

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