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S&C - Speedy Delivery

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Dear Lord,

Hi, it's been a while, so in case you don't remember me, it's Leathernecks.  How's it going?

I know we don't talk often (I think I lost your number...oh wait, I guess that excuse won't work here), and I know you aren't an IU football fan (clearly), but if you could find it in your heart for Allen, Ballou, and Rhea to stay at IU for a long time, it would help make up for the 31 miserable years of IU football I've had to endure.  The thought of IU having one of the fastest teams in the country has me salivating.  Or maybe that's the Uncle Lou's chicken wings I just had that has me salivating.  I recommend buying their Sweet Spicy Love sauce online.  Not sure about delivery, but I'm sure you can figure that out.  I bought a bottle that I could bring up...actually, scratch that.  I don't have any, don't ask me to deliver.

Anyways, if needed, I will gladly sacrifice any future children I may have for those 3 coaches to stay at IU for a long time.  Although, my first two unborn kids are already spoken for in poor wagers made during previous IU seasons.  Pardon my Pig Latin, but uckfay ichiganmay 🖕.

And for the love of God (do I say that when talking to you? Not sure how that one works), please help us have a good football team for HTD's heart.  One more loss to Purdue and one more time trash talking Boiler might do him in.

God bless...errr, uh...you bless.

Amen  🙏

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