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IU Ranked #25 By Lindy's Sports College BBall

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3 hours ago, Hoosierhoopster said:

SIAP, IU ranked #25 by Lindy's.

Interestingly, PU ranked #17... UM #21. MSU 10. 


Some fairly comic rankings of B1G players nationally 

Carsen Edwards #2. Lol.

Romeo #25.

Happ #15.

Morgan #106.

Oh Lordy.


Doesn't surprise me that we're probably slightly "under-ranked" based on my personal expectations for the season. We'll have to prove it on the court a bit until people start to realize we have a fairly stacked roster. 

However, those player rankings....woooo. Carsen Edwards is a stud no-doubt but he hasn't really shown he can produce at elite levels without much in the way of supporting cast (top 20 seems more reasonable). Happ has been legit for awhile, his spot seems fine enough...same with Romeo to me. Morgan, criminally under-ranked...I mean just going off of on-court value/production to the player's respective teams you're telling me Nick Ward (and all those after) are more critical/productive than Morgan? Not buying that at all. 

James Palmer Jr. seems low to me too.

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pee yew's smellermakers ranked higher than IU (LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO ) Best laugh that I've had in many years !! I wish I had some big bucks to make a bet that that B.S. ain't gonna happen !! ( Even though I am sure that The Hoosiers will finish HIGHER than the smellermakers , granny always told me not to bet money on anything that I  can't FIX, VBG !!

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