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Archie Miller my hero


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I hope I'm not jumping the gun on this BUT I have a "peace" about him as our coach that I haven't had since Knight.

When Davis got the job I was MINDBLOWN that a program like IU would hire such inexperience at the helm.

When Sampson got it, I was cautiously excited. I felt like his resume "fit" and IU as far as accomplishments but character made me nervous and as he recruited that kept building up for me.

Being a Wisconsinite up here, when we got Crean, immediately I had NO faith in him, but allowed myself to be swayed into believing because, heck, we signed him for 10 years! Better try to believe. But I struggled bad and all the warnings I got from Marquette fans kept proving to be true.

Archie was sad at first only because I had wanted and bought into thinking we might get a "big name." But if we weren't going to get one, Archie was my favorite of the up and comers. 

Now I have SO much peace (hopefully it's not misplaced), that he is THE MAN to lead us for the next 20+ years. It's his fundamental style of coaching, humility, lack of slick salesman, yet still knows how to RECRUIT with substance and real ness as a person. He isn't perfect, but I trust he isn't closeminded or thinks he has it all figured out. He'll keep growing as a coach and learning. 

As a humorous point, my son was watching his post game press conference and all the sudden he stood up and said "Oh my word dad I've felt like Archie looks like someone and I couldn't pin it and now I did! He looks like a more round faced Ben Shapiro!" That was huge for my son because he's really starting to like Archie and his hero in politics is Ben. I just laughed because he was spot on in my opinion. 😂 

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We win the conference this year, he will be a shoo in for BTCOTY and start getting the accolades he is deserving. Along with you, I'm very comfortable with the direction he has us going. Couple that with a changing of the guard (a lot of old guys have to retire sometime) and I can see IU as a top 5 program year in year out in a handful of years. 

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