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Signing day


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With early signing day only a week away, I thought it would be nice to track the recruits to see who is signing when, and if there's anybody we might lose.  I linked tweets of the recruits that talked specifically about signing or that made it appear pretty obvious that they're planning on coming to IU.  A few of them I couldn't find much, but it looks like we should be able to keep most of the guys we have committed.  Looks like Matthew Bedford is still taking visits, so not sure what will happen with him.

If you see or hear anything, feel free to add it here.  I didn't want to embed the tweets because it would have been 3 miles long.

Tiawan Mullen

Jordan Jakes

Kervens Bonhomme

CJ Person

Jeramy Passmore

Larry Tracy

DaShaun Brown

Sampson James

Sio Nofoagatoto'a

Michael Katic

Sean Wracher

Ivory Winters

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Yep on another site. I don’t want to get into a lot of it because some of it is premium info but apparently we may be getting a QB on Wednesday that may make us extremely happy. We will see what happens. Lot of speculation. But Tuttle from Utah would make some sense. They have a thread up on their board about it too.

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53 minutes ago, IU Scott said:

Great pickup and our QB situation looks a lot better.  wonder with this signing it would make Pennix think about transferring.  Also does he effect the scholarship numbers for  2019 class or does transfers effect their original class year.

Unless they told Penix "we're moving on" I think he has to at least stick around and let this play out. High ranking players don't always pan out.  Almost every year at IU, the "backup" QB gets a a shot, whether from injury or questionable play. If healthy, Penix will play somewhere on the field, if not QB. I hope he stays, he looked good when he played. 

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Holy cow!  What a pickup!

I'm intrigued by the fact that an IU spokesman said it hasn't been determined when he'll be eligible.  Usually it is pretty cut and dried that they have to sit out a year and at the time of transfer it is said they'll be eligible at a certain time.  I don't know how we'd be able to get him eligible for net year, but I'm intrigued.

If he were a recruit in this year's class (ranked .9321 on 247), he would move our class up to 33rd overall.

This can't hurt us with some of the other offensive recruits we might be in on.  And no Boiler, I don't just mean Bell :coffee:.  

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I think he may be eligible next year the same way Bryant from Clemson is eligible next year.  Also not sure why any one thinks Penix would transfer because we signed another qb.  The real question is do we still have a shot with another qb like Baldwin?  Always bring in the best players you can and let them compete.

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So from reading this article, it sounds like he knew he'd transfer early enough that he was able to withdraw from all of his classes so it is basically like he never took any classes at Utah?  I didn't realize it was mid October when he knew he wanted to transfer.


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