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All-time computer rankings (last 50 years)

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I had a lot of fun looking at the computer rankings of the men's college basketball teams over the past fifty years on this site:  http://www.inccstats.com/basketball/alltime/teams.html  The teams are ranked all-time on the basis of how they rate compared to the average team of that year, which may be the only objective way one could rank teams from different years and different eras.  To see rankings of the schools over various decades and each year over the last decade, click on All-Time>School Rankings on the above page.  You can click on any team in the rankings to get a web page ranking that school's teams over the past fifty years.  For IU, the best team compared to that year's average team was the '74-'75 team, which sounds about right, at least before Scott May's broken arm.  Also note that the '80-'81 team had the eighth-highest "improvement rating" of any team from any school over the fifty-year period.  This year's team currently ranks almost exactly at the median (25th) of all IU's teams over the last fifty years.  An interesting look down memory lane that I thought others might enjoy.


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