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Unfortunately, we are in bad company here....


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This is a bit lengthy, but is an excellent article that sheds light on some of the shadiness surrounding college football recruiting. Kids getting offers that aren't really offers, or have an expiration date time stamp, or are rescinded without the kid even knowing. Unfortunately, IU's program has been one of the major culprits and lands in the top 10 in the number of offers extended since 2012.

As the article points out, this seems to be a conversation topic every year at the NCAA, but changes never happen. Extremely one sided slant towards the universities, what else is new, and often leaves kids and their futures hanging out to dry.

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I think our presence there is not surprising.  One thing we can't gloss over is that kids decommit at a high rate too. IU has to do what it has to do within the rules.  We can't be everyone's patsy.  

I do agree with Btown on homework.  If you are an OG and IU has gotten three OG commits since you were offered, that's screaming something you should check out.

If an offer has been pulled, I think that should be clarified.

If there were a change, I would run it both ways.  Perhaps have the early signing period around September 15.  That's more parallel to basketball's November signing period (i.e., early in the season).  That may allow a school to capitalize on being on a guy before he blows up.

I'd protect schools from decommits in the same breath if you have to clarify offers have been pulled.  A contingency with an offer is kind of common sense.  When you get an offer, unless you're Trevor Lawrence, you know someone really good can jump in there. 

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