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Spring Game is April 12


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  • 2 months later...

I'm part of the way through the 2nd quarter, and I've been really impressed with our defense.  Some of the guys we've talked about the last year or two are looking really good.

James Head has had a couple nice pressures.

Cam Jones had one too, and has been active on defense.

Ball has made a couple good plays in coverage, one of them during the 7 on 7.

Reese Taylor has look reeeeally good.  Making good reads, he's been good in coverage, and he's been really quick to the ball.  Some of his reads might be due to familiarity with the offense, but he's still looked really impressive.

I also liked on the turnover we got, we had a lot of guys looking to do something with it.  Too many turnovers we got last year, we were just happy to get the TO and didn't do enough with it.  On the fumble, we had some guys take of looking to block somebody and looking to go with it.  If we could do that regularly, that will be a huge boost to our defense.

Seeing Ramsey again, and seeing Penix throw, I really hope Ramsey is the backup.  He's solid, but not spectacular.  About 25% on deep balls on a good day isn't going to cut it.  I feel confident in Ramsey being safe, and a solidifying figure coming into a game as a backup, but he just isn't a guy who will beat other teams.  Wish Tuttle would have been healthy today.

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I agree, it is a fun watch.  I am not all the way through yet. 

Cam Jones looks great. They want to play him at different spots, but if Ball is the Husky, then Jones at stinger (weak side LB) can be a huge plus.  Not only is he athletic, strong and fast, he wants to just pound people. He’s physical.  

Some other LBers look good, e.g., James Miller, McFadden, Aaron Casey. 

Ramsey.  When he throws with any kind of distance, he loses accuracy.  He doesn’t have the arm strength to drive the ball downfield with power and accuracy.  I appreciate all his pluses and think he could be an ideal backup.  As a starter he puts a lid on the upside of the offense.  

On the offensive line, Caleb Jones is making progress at RT.  They’ve cross trained him at LT but he’s a classic RT.  He got beat by the corner around the edge so he needs to keep working.   The other guy on the line who jumped out was freshman Matthew Bedford. I can see why lots of schools were on him.   

I thought redshirt Miles Marshall showed good wiggle to be a slot guy but he’s a work in progress.  We’ve got a deep corps of receivers.  I couldn’t say enough good things about Westbrook.  He didn’t play but was interviewed. He said his goal is to be part of a turnaround that sets up IU for twenty years.  Smart answer and the type of attitude that’s awesome!  It speaks well for his character focusing on team success.

The running backs are also insanely deep.  Scott and Ronnie Walker didn’t play.  Kristian Pechac looks steady out there.  Sampson James is coming and Ivory Winters May be underrated.  

I would be very intrigued if they tried Cole Gest as a slot.  

I haven’t seen him in a long while but I’m hoping Whop comes back with a vengeance this year.  He’s one of my favorite players. 

There is a lot to like with the program.  

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I watched about the first 3/4 of the scrimmage.  The first thing that stood out to me were how many first tier guys that didn’t play, especially on offense.  I hope that was all just precautionary.

I was pretty impressed with the secondary until I noticed who the receivers were.  Outside of Hale and Fryfogle...well it sure looked like there were a bunch of walk ons playing especially during the 7 v 7.  I’m not down on the secondary at all.  I think there is a ton of potential back there, but I’m going to temper that a bit.  

I do like the move of Taylor to the secondary and was happy to see him receive some punts.  He could be electric there.

I still am hopeful that one of our QBs can beat out Ramsey.  I just see him as a steady guy who is smart but is also a guy who won’t be able to go out and win us games.  

Lastly, the biggest weakness to me is clearly the OL.  That group has a long way to go and IMHO is the key to the entire season.

I did really like the new passing game.

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