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Adding emojis and reactions

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43 minutes ago, HoosierFaithful said:

Hello all:

I saw a thread where someone asked for new reaction options (instead of heart/trophy/etc) and, what can I say, we are here to please.

Please link to any .gif images you want to see added to either the emoji set or the reaction page (indicating which) and I'll routinely add them.

For what we have watched the last 2 months.💩💩💩💩

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I'm having flashbacks to the last site.  I had a whole thread with a ton of them on it, but it appears to have disappeared.  It started when somebody (HTD?) was posting stats inside brackets [ ], and they put a space in there.  It changed their stats to emojis and they thought the mods were editing it.  That was hilarious once we figured it out.  It would be fun to have something you type automatically turn into an emoji

Purdue = 💩

Calipari = 🐍

Kentucky = 💲


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