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NBA Proposes to Lower Draft Age....


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On 2/22/2019 at 9:02 AM, IU Scott said:

I am good with this because if they don't want to be in college then they don't need to be playing college basketball.  I wish they could agree and do the MLB model where you can go out of high school but if you go to college you have to stay 3 years or at least two.

The MLB model actually benefits MLB as well.  They can let the NCAA develop "their" players for 3 years(2 years if kid goes to juco) and they see what the kid can do against college competition.  This model would benefit the NBA as well as CBB.  But the NBA has to adopt such a rule.  Because if they don't the OAD will still exist.  So they take guys out of HS, but a kid can still go to college for 1 year and declare for the draft.

I hope I said all that right.

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