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The ky cheaters lose their top SEVEN SCORERS and  Nine of their top 15 scorers from last season !! 

OTHER REASONS ::::::::::::::

1. - ky has NO SENIORS

2. --ky has only 2 JUNIORS ( including 6'2" Jonny David who averaged 7 TENTHS of a POINT per game last season and a 6'3" Redshirt Junior guard, Dillon Pulliam )

3. --ky has only 4 Sophomores (Including 6'9" Weyen Gabriel --4.6 ppg last year , 6'10" s.k. jones-2.7 ppg last year , Brad Calipari-6'0" guard-5 TENTHS of a point per game last year , and 6'10" Tai Wynward-7 TENTHS of a point per game last year !!

4.-the ky cheaters have 8 [count 'em] FRESHMEN !!

That adds up to just TWO UPPERCLASSMEN ( and neither of those 2 scares anybody , vbg )  !! That makes 12 of ky's 14 man roster as UNDERCLASSMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

SO-ky only returns 9.2 POINTS PER GAME from last season !! I do not care how HIGHLY TOUTED those FRESHMEN are , they are still just FROSH and will [imho] struggle against good veteran teams with at least somewhat comparable SIZE to go along with EXPERIENCE !!! Muck the ky cheaters !!

By the way, on another note- The SEC NETWORK is going to televise those ky cheaters EXHIBITION GAME LIVE tomorrow night [Friday , October 27 , 2017 ] at 7 PM EST ! The PAC 12 network also televises ALL PAC 12  teams exhibition games LIVE !! While the  [censured] Big Ten Network forces you to pay extra to watch IU's exhibition games and the game with Indiana State on a DAMN COMPUTER or newfangled GADGET that also costs extra. SORRY ,  I'VE always been a Big Ten fan , but the Big TEN [+ 4] NETWORK just sucks , sucks , sucks , sucks !!


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After doing further research on the SEC Conference Men's Basketball , I found that the SEC was down last season !! However , It looks like the SEC is gonna be STRONGER from top to BOTTOM in this 2017-2018 season . ( Some sources are predicting that there may be as many as SIX SEC teams make the " Big Dance " this season) ! I'd say that Florida , Alabama ,  Arkansas , Auburn , Georgia , LSU , Ole MISS , Tennessee , Texas A & M  , and Vanderbilt could all be BETTER this season !!

 But , my surprise pick for the SEC in 2017-2018 !! Even though they only won 8 games last season , Missouri has FOUR Starters back !! Here is what Missouri has added for 2017-2018 !

#1- A new head Coach In Cuonzo Martin ! [ I KNOW- Martin PLAYED  for that arse hole Gene Keady !! Did Keady teach Martin some ILLEGAL RECRUITING TACTICS ????]

#2- Missouri [& MARTIN ] lands the nations # 1 Freshman recruit  { according to some sources }, 6'10" Michael Porter !

# 3- Martin lands another 6'10" Freshman recruit !

#4-Martin lands YET ANOTHER 6'10" Freshman recruit !!

#5- Martin Flips a University of Washington recruit , 6'3" Guard Blake Harris !!!!!!

6 Missouri has FOUR STARTERS coming back !

IF all new MISSOURI recruits [ and returning players ]remain eligible and healthy , I see this team as being a team that will jell in time for the Conference season to start  and be a hard team to beat ??? By the way, last season , Missouri only lost by 10 points in a game versus kaintucky's cheaters { and MIZZOU should be MUCH STRONGER THIS SEASON } !! 


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