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7 hours ago, milehiiu said:

Team captain in his Senior year ? 

Yes, and at the very least a Co-Captain .

Everyone can go out and lead by example, but a player who understands the mental aspect and can contribute honesty(about what is/isn't working), motivation, and support for their teammates through verbal communication should be required, as much as leadership by example..

When that isn't present  I have a hard time identifying a player as being a true team captain. That's not to take away from less vocal players who can be great leaders in their own way, but I envision someone making sure everyone is in the right place and going full speed. Never letting anyone in the group get too high or low emotionally. Plus it's always good when a player under consideration to be captain happens to be physically imposing and can step in and protect their teammates. Younger guys should be naturally inclined to listen to someone DeRon's size who is also vocal. 

From someone who has played the game. When I was growing up playing if guys didn't play hard sometimes things just had to get physical to be fixed. Just how it is and if you played enough basketball you know that is not an opinion.lol  Some people refuse to allow their teammates cost them wins.Period! 


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