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"What you do in practice every day is what you've earned"

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Now that's a quote I like, from CAM, and may be a good indicator of the work ethic he will require in building this team.


Some others:

 "You've got some guys sitting on the bench for the first time. The realization that minutes start to get (divided) out."

"Whoever is playing well is going to play, and we're going to try win the game."

"I'm not as concerned about the scouting element in this first one," Miller said. "It's more about what we're trying to accomplish, execute our system on the fly against somebody else, make adjustments in the game and see who can execute."

"A lot of times you go into the deal with sort of a scripted first-half rotation," Miller said. "Giving guys either big windows or opportunities to get small windows. And as the second half goes on, you want to get the feel for the game.
"It's a little bit unchartered water because we haven't coached these guys. We don't know what to expect."

Lots to watch for!

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