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Unbelievable Bowen Playing for UL


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I feel a rant coming on...lol..

This kind of thought process is fully expected and not a surprise at this point.  The NCAA is so backwards in how they function that it’s really hard to believe.  On one hand, it gets twisted up in some minutia and rules against people for the most mundane things like punishing a kid for allegedly not being on track academically even though he’s graduating early or has a double major.  They get into the weeds regarding the day you can make a cell call, if your wife bought bumper stickers a generation ago, etc.  Meanwhile, it allows academic fraud and pay for play schemes.  It’s upside down.  A flaw in their thinking is that they think they are protecting money with their ludicrous rulings.  In my view, the sport would be even healthier financially if consumers perceived an even playing field.  I am sure I could find economists who would agree with me.  

They need to do a 180 degree turn.  The first thing they need is to get rid of the academic types they have running things.  These guys have no idea how the real world works. Look at their bios.  It’s one ivory tower, out of touch position after another.  You need someone with real world common sense.  Answering to stock holders, dealing with competitors, etc, can go a long way.  In a common sense approach, you would not sweat the details over arbitrary and trivial matters like bumper stickers from when mullets were in style.  You’d have a higher level focus on corruption.   Under the savvy CEO, you’d have a chief investigative officer headed by a Bob Mueller type.  You’d never get the actual Mueller but you throw a multiple seven figure salary at a high level ex FBI guy.  You literally employ aggressive investigative tactics, including stings, wires, etc   You require all players and their families to swear to certain things under penalty of perjury and show financial records similar to financial aid paperwork.  You have an informational arm that literally educates member institutions, players, and parents, of what they are doing and what the consequences will be,  including criminal charges.  You have chief financial officer, and you figure out a way to pay players reasonably but not exorbitantly.   

When you set the rules, like the tax code, you shorten them.  I’d say no more than ten pages per sport.  Even that may be too long.  You craft language that allows flexibility yet consistency.  

This isn’t rocket science.  The reality is that, under current thinking, the NCAA is complicit in the corruption.  At the end of the day, the schools want to keep all the money, and build outlandish projects, like private dorms for basketball players.  Actually having a functional and fair sport would take money.  That’s money the schools would rather use to build some over the top athletic facility instead of having a sport we could all be proud of instead of what it is now, a corrupt system befitting some banana republic on the equator.  



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