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HSN Questions for Rashawn Williams? | IndianaHQ and The Hoosier Sound


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HSN - You guys were awesome and we loved having the opportunity to get your questions answered by Anthony Leal.

Our special guest for this week just happens to be Indiana's highest rated commit in program history (during the recruiting services era) Rashawn Williams!


Please feel free to reply here with your questions, we will air the podcast at our regularly schedule time at 8:30 pm ET, Tuesday evening.


We'll post the latest on @IndianaHQ and @TheHoosierSound

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Hi Rashawn,

What are some of your individual goals, and other interests outside of playing football ?

 As a receiver, how important to you are some of the other responsibilities and details of the position such as good clean route running ,explosive blocking downfield in the running game,  knowing when to initiate contact to get needed yards, and when to get down/out of bounds etc?

Do you enjoy conditioning, and how much of a part do you plan to make that play in helping reach  your stated goals of getting on the field early. 

Last but not least . How are you starting to balance out the post recruitment process of finishing your high school career and enjoying the experience of one last chance to compete for state , with preparing to play B1G Football at IU?  

Have a great Senior season and I appreciate your time.  GO IU!!!


@The Hoosier Sound @rbkl.Just some to pick from among ....or ask them all up to you.That's why they're there and thank you for giving us a chance to ask anything at all!






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2 hours ago, The Hoosier Sound said:

Technical difficulties and we are moving the interview to tomorrow, thanks for all the questions and stay tuned!

Is it a podcast type interview or will there be a transcript?  Wondering if I'd be able to read it tomorrow at work or if I'll have to wait til tomorrow night to listen to it.

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