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Dad jokes

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If you are a dad, or in my case, a dad and a grandad, you’re always looking for new “groaners “ to get the kids’ eyes rolling as far back as possible. Please add any kid friendly jokes so we can all build our repertoire.

Here’s a start...

Famous Spanish magician. “For my last trick, on the count of three, I’ll make this rabbit disappear. “ “Uno, dos”... poof, it’s gone.

Vanished without a tres...

Okay, who can help an old guy out?

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A guy takes his dog to a talent scout and says, "This dog can talk!"

The talent scout says, "Well, let's hear him."

The guy says, "Ok Rover, how does sandpaper feel?"

To which Rover replies, "Ruff, ruff."

"Ok Rover, what's on top of a house?"

"Roof, roof."

"Ok Rover, who was the greatest Yankee?"

"Ruth, Ruth"

The talent scout says, "Get out of here!" And throws them out on the sidewalk.

Rover looks at his owner and says, "Jeter?"

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