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Radio Recorder for Games


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Hey Guys & Guyettes...

Some of you may already have one, but for those of you who would like to record the radio broadcast of the IU games, there are several free internet apps/programs that let you record live radio stations, and then play them back at your convenience.

I use "Radio Sure" myself.  Radio Sure has over 2000 stations world wide to choose from in all different genre's. I've had the best luck with WIBC in Indy for the IU games.

Here is a link to a list of several of radio recorders.


The only problem is that you have to start & stop the recording manually. I have not found an app that lets you "program a start and stop time". (if you find one, please let all of us know) But it works great to listen to Fisch's call, whenever you want. It also let's you fast forward commercials (or certain commentators)

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Just now, Drroogh said:

Not sure this still works as I stopped my TuneIn Pro subscription awhile ago but supposedly the set record feature is included in the Pro version.


Same here.  Actually, when I had my TuneIn Pro trial going a few years ago, they didn't even offer that feature.  Now I may have to think about it during football/basketball season. 

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