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TJD Receives All-B1G Honors


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51 minutes ago, IowaHoosierFan said:

Sounds like it to me.  He has better stats across the board except for rebounding.  Unbelievable! 









In conference play TJD avged 13p 8r 2b 1a 

KC avged 12p 8r 2b 

Trayce shot 3% better. I really don't understand this voting at all. 

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1 hour ago, go_iu_bb said:

Only thing I can think of is because Illinois finished with a better record. Otherwise, it makes no sense.

That is a lot of the voting! Plus TDJ had a not to impressive 2nd half at Illini! Where Cockburn shined and lead them to the win. I am very happy we have TDJ and they HAVE THE COCK!!!😇😈

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