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Al Durham, fun stat - assist leader

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He's been great.  Realistically, he may have some speed bumps along the way, but he's better than his ranking, a phenomenon we see literally every year.  This is why I don't sweat like I am under an investigator's lamp every time I see a recruit's ranking.  It's about the player and how he complements the other players being assembled.

I will take a squad of Kirk Haston, Brian Evans, Victor Oladipo, OG Anunoby, Tom Coverdale, Devontae Green, AJ Guyton, and Al Durham over a group of Andrae Patterson, Luke Recker, Delray Brooks, Marshall Strickland, Charlie Miller, James Blackmon, and Bracey Wright any day of the week.  There are too many kids in both groups to dismiss these as outliers.  Of course, you want the right 5 stars at the right time. But, you see Brian Cardinal kick Andrae Patterson's ass way too many times to get comfortable with rankings.

So far, it looks to me that Archie has a good eye for identifying the right kind of talent and putting it together in a complementary way and with class balance.  I like where everything is headed and I think we are going to get our share of Five stars, just that they will be put together in a thoughtful way.

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