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HSN March Madness - Day 7 - Games 25 & 26

HSN March Madness - Day 7 - Games 25 & 26  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

    • 2014 Indiana Hoosiers
    • 1963 Indiana Hoosiers
  2. 2. Who wins?

    • 1995 Indiana Hoosiers
    • 1982 Indiana Hoosiers

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Day 7 of the 64 years/teams of IU Basketball Tournament

Vote for the team you think would win

Each day (Mon-Fri) will have 4 games and the polls will be open for 48 hours. I will try to post the new day’s games at noon EST.

HSN members are encouraged to debate, discuss memories of the teams involved in today’s matchup, post links to videos/games, etc. before voting on that day’s matchups.

Today’s Bracket:


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Game 25




From title contender to declining a CBI bid, the 2014 Hoosiers didn’t build on their predecessor’s success. They take on another team whose individual collection of talent didn’t translate to wins, the 1963 Hoosiers in Jimmy Rayl’s final season at IU along side the Van Arsdale twins and future pro Jon McGlocklin.





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Game 26




SR Alan Henderson and JR Brian Evans led the 1995 Hoosiers, who also had Bob Knight’s favorite player, SR Pat Knight on the squad. They’ll take on Ted Kitchel, Randy Wittman, Uwe Blab and the 1982 Hoosiers.





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3 minutes ago, 5fouls said:

In the first game, coach Branch McCracken was concerned about the size and versatility of Noah Vonleh. but it turns out that Vonleh sat out the game to protect his draft stock.  '63 wins.


Well. Before voting first, and then reading the comments. This time I read your comment.  And voted '63.  Because of your comment.  Never was a fan of Noah. For not only giving up on the team, but being so selfish when he was double and tripled teamed, and refused to look for the open man.    And you hit the nail on the head, with your summary of the game.  

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