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Blast from the past. "If you don't know who he is....

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6 hours ago, mrflynn03 said:

I grew up on Bobby Knight and have seen everything RMK related so I want to add my favorite clip....


Fantastic add. Thanks for that.  Back in the day when late night tv was entertaining and worth watching.  David Letterman. From Indianapolis. Broad Ripple. Wanted to get into Indiana University. But his grades were not good enough.  I remember it, 'cause he is the same age as me.  And I got into IU.  How in the heck did that happen ?  LOL In the end, though he wound up going to Ball State..... he's made tons more money than me, in his lifetime.  Oh well.  Kind of shows you, at times grades don't matter.

But I digress.  Fun to see a young Bob Knight.


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11 hours ago, IUFLA said:

Showtime has a free preview until 4/4 I think, and I just saw this...

"Perfect in 76"

I downloaded it On Demand to watch later...Anyone else seen this? Is it good? 

Any IU fan that hasn't seen "Perfect in 76" is really missing something...

Anyone who thinks IU fans are overly demanding will know why if they watch... We've seen perfection, and how beautiful great basketball can be...on both ends of the floor...

There's a clip from a game against Purdue at Mackey in 76. Benson grabs a defensive rebound and outlets to May who's about 15 feet short of the half court line, with one defender in front of him and Wilkerson on his right. He dribbles one time passes to Wilkerson, back to May, back to Wilkerson, and then back to May for s layup. Ball never touched the floor beside the initial one dribble. I remember watching that live and thinking "wow...that was beautiful." 

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On 3/29/2020 at 12:08 AM, milehiiu said:

That's the piece I've referenced several times here.  At the 4:21 mark, Knight grabs Steve Bouchie by the hair and shows him where he wants his eyes. 😂

Steve still lives around Washington.  I don't know if he drinks, but it would be fun to get him good and drunk and hear some of his Bob Knight stories.

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