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Archie's Post Game


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On 12/3/2017 at 4:27 PM, Drroogh said:

Love Coach's answer to "How disappointing is this after how your team played against Duke?"

He wasn't buying at all! the cumbia we had here on the board after the Duke game. I had a vision of the players reading HSN 3.0 and getting overconfident.



Love this......

– How disappointing is this after how your team played against Duke?

COACH MILLER: That's the thing thing…it's disappointing when you lose to Duke. We didn't beat Duke. I have to keep coming back to that point…we lost the game to Duke. If any of that 'hey I feel good stuff' creeps into your locker room or your bus then you come out here and go 0-for-8 on layups. You have to be a focused team and you have to be possessed with getting better, and you really have to understand the reality of winning and losing. Playing to win is everything. Performing and production. It is every day and every game. It is not feel good because we played pretty hard against Duke. We should have beat Duke…we didn't. A good team, at home in front of that crowd with four minutes to go and a one-point lead finds a way to win that game. Then you can really feel good about it. But it didn't have anything to do with Duke.

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