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RIP Johnny Majors

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12 minutes ago, BobSaccamanno said:


And this is from out in left field but I want to say Lee Majors picked his stage name after him.  

Yes, we covered that in the "Trivia" thread.  Johnny was quite the college football player and Lee idolized him.  FYI, Jon Gruden got his coaching start under Majors at UT.

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2 hours ago, rico said:

Great idea.

Thanks. It's just seems like a lot of legendary sports figures, are passing,  like Wes Unseld who died just a few days ago.  An obituary/memorial forum, is where we can post news.... and come back to from time to time to remember. 

There will come a day. That even Coach Knight Mark Spitz could be honored in a forum of this type.  All ready, there are other IU Sports figures, like Chris Beaty... who TDH linked a story about his family setting up a memorial fund for him.  A forum like this would be a perfect place for a link like that.

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