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Is there a way to search the board for old topics?

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2 minutes ago, eddy4iu said:

I know there have been threads about dropping Xfinity to go to live streaming TV options like HULU and You Tube TV. I'm trying to decide between the 2 and ave questions that I bet were covered in previous threads.


Search for I cut the cable now what. It's in the aninal house

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55 minutes ago, eddy4iu said:

Thanks - don’t visit that forum so missed it.

Really can't answer your specific question.  Perhaps Hoosier Faithful, or Colonial Crester can.

Here's the I Cut the cable thread from the Animal House and note who started it.... LOL :

I cut the cable. Now I need help. - The Animal House - Hoosier Sports Nation | Indiana Basketball and Sports Forum

I do highly recommend you visiting the Animal House. Tons of interesting and entertaining discussions going on there all the time.

In the mean time. eddy.  Take care. And please stay safe.

Oh and by the way.  I  got Hulu Live TV, back when Comcast dropped the Big Ten Channel, a few years back. And love it. I Pay an extra $9.99 month and get unlimited devices. Even can watch "stuff" when not in the house.

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