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Name a famous IU grad, or...


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Joshua Bell - world famous violinist, and a friend of mine in high school in Bloomington. One day he drives up in a branch new Datsun 280 ZX. I was like, wow, how'd you get that? He says, all low key, won it in a contest. it was a violin contest, we didn't know he was a future world famous musician. 


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6 hours ago, rico said:

That's a good one.  And thanks for the link. Used to be a tribute at a restaurant in B-town to him... with pics. Called the Gables. Across the street from IU.  Now Buffa Loui's.  And  I don't know if this tribute still stands.

Hoagy Carmichael Remembered at IU Bloomington, IN 

Hoagy Carmichael Stardust 

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