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What just happened to Hoosier Sports Nation


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1 minute ago, milehiiu said:

First. I get a notice that Invision has shut us down for an upgrade.

Next.  When Hoosier Sports Nation comes back. Everything looks different.  Is this what they call an upgrade ?

Hate the black letters in the header.  Just my opinion.

Just asked that in another thread because it is a lot different

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2 minutes ago, Colonialcrester said:

My phone has always been a bit laggy when on HSN. Now it flies!!!!

That's a good thing.  I have a flip phone.  Really.  So my MacBook Pro is my go to for HSN.   However... I will say.  It seems to be faster now.  Maybe I was too critical.

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1 minute ago, 5fouls said:

I was just saving a post that took 10 minutes to type when it went down.  What happened to my priority treatment?

When it first went down, I assumed that @bluegrassIUaccidently uploaded those photos that were only intended for his lady friend again.  I still can't un-see those pictures from the fist time he did that.  

The fist time? Not asking about that.

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15 minutes ago, Colonialcrester said:

Yes, it is an upgrade. 👍

Give us some time to see what all changed and what we can do to tweak it to all of our liking.😁😁

Header needs to go from black letters back to Cream and Crimson....like you and I worked on years before.

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6 minutes ago, JEFFVETTE said:

I like it. I'm getting old and my eyes like this color scheme!! Easier to read for me. 2cents.

I am just starting to get used to it.  Change.  Hard to get used to.  However, after talking to Hoosier Faithful and Colonial Crester, I believe they will be tuning up things.  In terms reading things easier.  Though it is not a problem for me. Working on a computer.  I wonder if the smaller print on the front page is a problem for phone users. 

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