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Michael Penix


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1 hour ago, Leathernecks said:

I don't know if they are just sheep following the herd or if they're onto something, but we've picked up 3 more crystal ball predictions since this thread was posted.  One of them was an FSU Insider.  Starting to really like our chances.

Knowing the recruiters who got him to commit to UT are now lobbying on behalf of DeBoard is a big deal. Haven’t seen any tape on this kid yet but apparently he’d be a great get. Let’s hope the allure of FSU doesn’t cloud his judgement and he becomes a Hoosier 

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1 hour ago, thirdgenhoosier said:

CB now shows 50% IU and 45% FSU

I have no inside knowledge...heck, I have no knowledge at all, but I like the way this is trending the day before he announces.  Would appear to be a great pick up this late.

Quick somewhat related question.  Who is the Linder person I'm hearing about?  Is he a grad transfer OL?

Here is an article on Linder.  Played center at the U.  Decided to be a grad transfer.  Good blood lines as his older brother is making beaucoup bucks in the NFL.  

If I recall correctly, he’s looking at UCLA along with IU.  


He would obviously give a nice boost to the offensive line, particularly at center where Hunter Littlejohn really struggled and Harry Crider is young and could even redshirt as a true soph and then come back for three years of eligibility.  

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2 hours ago, Andy06 said:

He would be a great way to cap off the early signing period.  Looks like we have 18 LOIs in so far.  


If I can count correctly (no guarantee) we are only missing Cam Jones, Shamar Jones, and James Head.


I feel like that is an excellent start.

Color me shocked that Cam Jones hasn't sent in his LOI yet...this kid must really love the drama of recruitment.

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