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RIP Paul Hornung

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On 11/13/2020 at 2:12 PM, jv1972iu said:

Can remember watching the Packers as a kid with Starr, Taylor, and Hornung.  Seemed like they ran a sweep every other play.  Had a tremendous o-line too, ofc.  Oh yeah, and that coach...what's his name??   😊  

RIP Golden Boy

I was too young for the Pack dynasty. But when I was a kid in the 70s the kid’s library had a bunch of books on them.   Then as an adult I read Maraniss’ account.  Great book.  I love the documentaries that pop up on that team too.   

I am not a Packer fan—although I do have relatives that are—but I really like hearing about that Packer team. 

And Hornung was great. His relationship with Lombardi was something else. He truly was the golden boy.  Great personality. 

I am over 50 now.  We lost Joe Morgan recently.  A lot of the figures from my youth, be it sports or elsewhere, are being lost and it’s sad.

RIP the golden boy, Mr Hornung, #5

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12 minutes ago, Seeking6 said:

Guys on the call last night made mention of Paul Hornung and his let's call it lifestyle. Didn't see him play but only have read bits and pieces about him but was he the hard living/gambling type of guy some have suggested?

He's a legend in my eyes on the field. Just wasn't sure about off.

He was, by all accounts, a lady's man, a partier, and he liked to gamble...He and Alex Karras were both suspended for the 1963 season for hanging with gamblers...

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