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This video should show kind of offense Archie wants at IU

IU Scott

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Archie knows how to coach.  He had some leftover guys the last couple years and coached them to their strengths.  This is really the first year of an ideal team for him and the offense is producing good shots - you just have 4* and 5* recruits missing them. 

IUs defense alone will keep them in almost all of their games.  Offense just has to execute. 

Bottom line - IU is in great hands (I know you know this too!). 

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Mid majors and Power 5 are different animals.  The talent you get at MM and the P5 are different.  You have to coach them different.  They way they gel is different.  There is a certain chip on the MM shoulder to prove they can beat the big schools.  Its why they make great runs in the tourney.  They want it more alot of the time.  There is also something to be said about winging 29 games and owning your conference to build that we're going to win confidence.  You're not like to do that in a P5 conference.

Its why so many MM coaches just don't make it at the P5 level.  It doesn't mean they can't coach.  it doesn't mean they can't recruit.  It's really not the same game while at the same time being the same game of basketball.

There are literal hundred and hundred of examples of MM coaches not making it.  Not saying there are not examples of MM coaching making it big, i am sure someone can give me 20 examples over the last 30 years.  But they are exception and not rule unfortunately.  Doesn't mean they are bad coaches though.  Mean they are bad fits for where they went.

Just my thoughts.  I am usually wrong about everything so take it with a gain of salt lol :P 

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I am convinced that Archie Miller can and will coach.  Been following Archie Miller closely since I have lived in Dayton Ohio since '82.  University of Dayton had a relatively bare cupboard when CAM arrived.  His team-oriented defense first emphasis is followed closely by his reliance on a floor general to initiate the offense.  

Since his arrival at Indiana, the latter part, the point guard situation, has been one of the team's biggest...ahem...issues.  I had and still have hopes for Rob Phinesee to initiate the offense more quickly by penetration immediately.  The quick pass or drive and dish have all but evaporated from Rob's portfolio.  What can CAM do about that?

Watching Franklin move toward the basket with the ball is like hitting warp speed on the offense.  Al Durham does it some but AF seems to make it work.  Galloway excels at it.

Dayton players shared the ball.  Indiana players share the ball.  CAM was flexible and figured out opposition weakness and adjusted.  He now has the talent and skill to compete.  But the B1G is really tough.  

Indiana and CAM need to win at this level to get the best recruits.  That is really tough to do considering he doesn't cheat.  And Crean really had burnt the Indiana High School recruiting pipeline to the ground.

This is Archie Miller's team and I think they will compete favorably.  But seeing the B1G point guards out there, the great coaches (except for at Minny) and seeing some really big bigs...it is really a tough row to hoe.

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