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Dear HSN,

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Thank you. Ths place is special.

It is stunning to think of what, and who, we have lost recently. 

CC, our founder and tone setter. And trust me, an AMAZING human being. 

mile, The voice of the people. A man who had a way of connecting with a huge amount of people in an amazingly personal way. Hard to imagine anybody bringing us what he brought us.

With that said.....they (with HH and HF) have rebuilt this thing over and over. I am blessed to have joined them several years back. 

What they have built is a safe place for YOU! A safe place in a cesspool called the internet. A place that was not made by CC or mile. It was made by you. The members are our life blood.

Behind the scenes, in mod discussions, those two would almost never vote to ban anybody. They saw the best in people, and believed our community was strong enough to self police itself.

My point is that HSN is about the people, not the leadership. Regardless how great the leadership has been.

I pledge to do my part to keep this spirit alive. HH and HF have a proven track record. KDB has been a great addition to the team. And even zline, (our part time guy, lol) buys into what this place is all about.

I ask we honor these two men by keeping together. Debating respectfully, appreciating what we have and making HSN as good as ever.

There are so many special people here. Never take that for granted.

I, for one, recognize that more than ever.

Thank you all for many great years, and more to come.

 I raise a toast to our friends, with a vow to never forget their vision.  


-blue (Dan)

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