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Happy New Year Thank God 2020 Is Over


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Happy New Year my friends and thank god 2020 is over. What a year to forget. So much loss in the world and we had our own losses here with CC and mile. The only good thing in 2020 was IU football but they were screwed so many times in the end it was hard to enjoy it, lol. I hope 2021 will put out the dumpster fire that is IU basketball, but i fear we are what we are for the next few years. Sorry 3 1/2 years is long enough to know what we have in store for the future.

I want to thank the MOD team, the best in the business, ( you know who you are) for dealing with a hard year. Even HF, the vote stealing Democrat in Arizona, ( i kid, i kid ) May 2021 be the best year for you and your families, along with HSN!

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