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Denzel Moore 2023


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This article is about a month old with a FSU lean, but has some interesting information. One of the guys he mentioned has already committed to FSU though.

Over the past year, Denzel has formed a strong friendship with fellow 2023 recruits Stantavious Smith and Gabe Harris. Moore says that all three are very close and that they plan on playing in college together.

“We have a group chat where all three of us talk to the same coaches at the same time,” Moore said. “We’re like brothers. We send film to each other after games and help each other get better. We met at an All-American camp that the three of us dominated. Since then we have stayed in contact. We talked about maybe playing at the same high school – man we’d dominate! But, college is where we will come together. We all have the same offers and we will commit close together. Once one of us does it (commits) you’ll know where the other two are going.”

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20 minutes ago, Andy06 said:

I could be way off, but this guy seems like a perfect fit for the new "Bull" position Allen put in last year. 

Speed to cover guys, especially TE, but strong enough to put a hand on the ground and rush the passer.

Either way, monster get for IU.

I didnt see the lateral quickness in his film, but he's only a SO though.  

Usually kids this size, this early as destined for the DL. I could be wrong though. 

It's a big time start. 

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What an awesome pickup! I see that his high school has 2 top 100 players for the 22 class (both already committed).  Hopefully with Moore committed and Warren at DC, we can get some more guys from there in the future.

Also, I look forward to the day someone commits to OSU/Bama/Georgia, etc., and the tweet says, "they also held offers from Indiana, Notre Dame, Clemson, and Alabama."

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