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Steve Alford commercials

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Does anybody remember a couple of Alford commercials from the late 1980's?

One was for the Pan Am Games cup you could buy at McDonalds(I think).

Steve Alford is in line, a couple of guys walk in and say 'hey look!'(Alford thinks they are talking about him and he goes to give them a high five)'The Pan Am Games cup, only .89 cents! (They completely ignore him)

Another one, I can only remember the jingle.

'Hey Steve, Steve Alford!

'Hey hey, the man can play, now he's playing in the NBA'

'Hey Steve, Steve Alford!'

Anybody else remember? I can't find them online. But we may need to dust off everything Steve Alford soon.

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4 hours ago, Officer Obie said:

Maybe they were local ads? I have no memory of that. I was living in Indy at that time, but have no memory of Alford on the tube doing commercials.

I'm pretty sure they were Indianapolis or greater Indiana ads. 

I actually attended the Pan Am Games and got that cup. Maybe that's why it sticks with me.

I did find an article about them:


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