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Indy FedEX mass shooting.


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This is such a commonplace thing anymore that I find myself sadly dulled to any emotional response.  It's the American nightmare... or curse...whatever you want to call it.  And it's not going away because we have no agreeable solution.  JMHO.

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I will try to keep this informative and apolitical, but if you want to contact your elected representatives in Congress about any issue, the best way is to call (not email or write) their DC office (and, if busy, their district offices secondarily) and tell them what issue you feel strongly about.  They'll likely ask for some information (address or ZIP) to make sure you actually live in their district - don't call members outside of your district, they don't really care what you think.  You can't vote for them.  Take note that the people answering the phones are either unpaid interns or poorly paid junior staffers.  Their job is to keep record of the volume of constituent feedback for or against a particular issue.  Every elected official is different, but many take the overall array of feedback quite seriously.  They'll still note your concern if you yell at them, but are you really mad at a 22 year old fresh out of college?  

If you call your state or local elected officials, be even nicer - if they have staff at all, they share them between 2-3 elected officials normally.  

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