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Indiana Baseball- State of the Program


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I've mentioned.. we are not good enough at the C and SS positions. Maybe Tank Espalin is that guy at SS in the future, I flat out do not know.

What I hope happens.. Tank Espalin moves to 2B or 3B, Colson Montgomery is SS.. and Paul Toetz is either 2B/3B/DH. I think Richardson and Barr move on after this season regardless if they're drafted. Could be wrong though.

Fougerousse at 1B/DH moving forward and Colopy in RF/CF moving forward are the only two position players (other than Toetz 2B/3B/DH) I see moving forward that have their position locked in to start the year next year. If Colson Montgomery is on campus he is starting somewhere. I am not sure if Ashley will move on or not.. but we have TJ White (6'2 210) top 100 OF from SC coming in who absolutely rakes from the left side, and Ryan Gilbert from OH top 160 player 6'5 230 (raw).. but big time potential. You also still have Ethan Vecrumba, Sam Murrison, Bobby Whalen, and Hunter Jesse as OFers (though I expect one or two of these guys to transfer). Carter Mathison is another incoming FR from Homestead (6'1 210) who is leading the state in HRs and RBIs.. he's obviously someone else that could factor in.

We are also bringing in two Top 150 pitchers in Ben Hess from IL (6'5 220) and Luke Hayden from Edgewood (6'1 210).. and I think they along with Sharp will be in the running for some starting pitching consideration. I think Sommer will move on.. he has his degree in hand and I don't think baseball is in his future. With it being only a 20 round draft.. I have no clue if Brown and Bierman will be back. Bringing either one of those back would be huge. You have a guy like Braydon Tucker who would be a solid Sunday guy if need be.

At C we are bringing in a kid 6'4 210 from OH.. Brock Tibbitts. He played HS QB.. not overly sure why he's ranked so low. I assume we like his ability as an athlete and teach him to play baseball. We have Joe Reid on campus now as a FR .... but he's seen zero game time this year. He was a fairly highly ranked player. We are bringing in a top 150 C in the 2022 class in AJ Shepard. He's the 7th rated C in the country in his class, as of now. Both of our catchers that have seen time this year are both SRs. We could absolutely look at the transfer portal for this position, as well.

3B Toetz

SS Montgomery

RF White

CF Colopy

1B Fougerousse

DH Gilbert

LF Vecrumba

C Reid

2B Espalin

Just my guess/being hopeful w/potential and all that. I don't think that is what will happen though.

Future prospects that are ranked in their class

2022 SS Tyler Cerny #130

2022 C AJ Shepard #135

2022 OF Devin Taylor #70

2022 1B McKay Whitaker #245

2022 RHP Ayden Decker-Petty #306

2022 RHP Evan Whiteaker #230

2023 OF Andrews Wiggins #39

2023 RHP Adam Switalski #172

2023 C TJ Schuyler #336


Big time influx of talent coming in. We have to have more though.

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3 minutes ago, thirdgenhoosier said:

You follow IU baseball closer than anyone. Has IU underperformed this year or are we about where we should be based on the current talent?

We aren't overly talented. Especially at the plate. We needed the non conference. Bad. 

We haven't underperformed at all. Just have had a really bad 8 game stretch at the wrong time. Win out and you're in the NCAAs feeling much better about yourself. 

We also haven't benefitted from having any sort of a home field advantage at all and then having our biggest our biggest series on the road. Who knows. 

We need this incoming FR class to get here in a hurry though.  

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