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2022 DL Caden Curry Commits to OSU


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I couldn't find his own thread. No idea of the chances we have but.. 

Caden is a very good baseball player.. at the time I saw this tweet there had been 8 likes on it. Tom Allen was one of the 8 and the only college coach. Does it matter much? Nope. But it matters some. 

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18 minutes ago, Indykev said:

The staff has some work to do.

Lol, one of these things is not like the others….but that being said, does he want to be great, stand out, help build something special with friends and family in attendance or does he want to blend in, wait in line and risk getting passed over???

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2 minutes ago, Hoosier51 said:

Man even if we don't get this guy it is pretty good that Coach Allen has us in that company for recruits.

Right. I hate to bring up Archie.. but he did keep us in it for Romeo haha 

Everyone else kind of went away.. and boom he's a Hoosier. Crazier things have happened than Caden Curry playing football in Bloomington. 

Also.. and just to be clear. It is LAUGHABLE that there is an OT listed ahead of him in the state. All I'm going to say about that topic for now. 

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2 hours ago, Andy06 said:

There's a guy on Purdue rivals that's an ND fan, and he's claiming Curry isn't as good as his ranking and he's a plan B for OSU, Clemson and Bama.

He clearly is priority 1 for IU, hopefully that makes a difference. 

Well... hes a moron. 

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