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    Dolson, Glass, Coach Allen and Coach Miller each donate 10% of their salaries back to the athletic Dept. to help cover expected 12 million dollar loss. No sports to be cut. I hope other coaches say thank you.
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    Yes, I'm his mother.
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    Q&A with Trey Kaufman from the weekend. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-class-of-2021-priority-forward-trey-kaufman-talks-restarting-aau-games-and-recruiting/
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    Things I noticed on Saturday - he talks constantly in a good way, he helps the opponents up off the floor, he will go and clean up sweat off the floor. He is just 100 percent engaged in every aspect. From a basketball standpoint his court vision is off the charts.
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    I want smith to be a Hoosier. We play them during the season. Dudes a stud, winner, and has that I’ll kick your ass attitude that’s not arrogant. Whomever mentioned Coverdale earlier...bingo. Minus the Budweiser 😂
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    He's a great contrast to this kid. I get why you don't like the comparison and I'll confess that I secretly enjoy drawing you out by jabbing your beloved boilermakers, but I'm genuinely surprised at Nojel's grammar/spelling/sentence construction after three years at Purdue. I don't expect you to agree, but it seems like he should have had some remediation before this point and I question how he's maintained eligibility thus far. At the very least, there appears to be a very wide gap in academic rigor between Nojel's chosen major and the more challenging majors at Purdue. I'm not calling him an idiot as I see this more as a lack of fundamentals rather than an IQ test. It's not all on Purdue, but the last three years are. This young man is not being prepared for life after basketball. I would tell you without hesitation that McCutcheon has done a much better job with Dra than Nojel's high school did for him so, yeah...they share the blame. Nojel just strikes me as a kid who's been shoved through the system because he could play basketball, which is sad for him, frankly.
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    Well, @Hoosierhoopster is both a moderator on HSN and Paul George's agent.
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    Spending last 2 years at a prep school his dad is starting. Wonder what shoe company is sponsoring that?
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    Patience. Galloway verbally committed on July 26th Leal verbally committed on August 9th Geronimo verbally committed on September 2nd And, let's not forget that this spring/summer has been a cluster for the entire country, let alone a high school kid trying to make the biggest decision of his life.
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    Kaufman, Mohammed, Miller, Wesley, John Camden, Jordan Longino. In that order.
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    But that doesn't mean he cheated.😉
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    This is more of a fun story than a serious recruitment at this point. But the kid is good and will likely end up high major. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-2023-forward-gus-yalden-has-a-unique-connection-to-indiana/
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    Braden Smith gives me that “tough Indiana kid” vibe embodied in a guy like Tom Coverdale. Ranking is irrelevant. We win with those guys.
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    It was one of the more competitive AAU games that I have watched recently, especially for tipping at around 9 AM. Both teams were playing some defense and making hustle plays. Fun little IU related tidbit -- No. 22 on the Indiana Elite team is Stu Robinson's son. Talked to Stu and his son yesterday. Amir Robinson is just an incoming sophomore but he is built like a Big Ten linebacker. Stu and Mike Roberts were on Knight's staff together at Texas Tech, so that recruitment, if it evolves, will be handled between those two.
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    There were two things that jumped out at me when I read TDH's interview. The first was the statement that his mom would move to wherever he played. I never considered that. I considered it something she would do if/when he went pro, but never considered it a possibility with college because of how close the extended family is, and most of them are right here in Sellersburg. Bloomington is a lot closer than Charlottesville (1.5 hours compared to 7.5 hours), but when you start talking conference road games, the ACC is not much worse than the Big Ten if you are starting in Sellersburg. Sure, the ACC has Miami, Florida State, Clemson, Syracuse, and Boston College, but the Big Ten has Rutgers, Maryland, Penn State, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska. The second thing that caught my eye in the interview was this: What is the latest with Indiana’s recruitment of you? TK: Coach Miller has started contacting me more, whereas before I really didn’t talk to him, I talked to Coach (Tom) Ostrom most of the time. Building that relationship with Coach Miller has been better. I might be wrong, but I believe, until recently, Tony Bennett has been more involved for Virginia than Archie has been for IU, as evidenced by Trey's statement above.
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    Could be the imminent verbal to IU was a myth. I can say for certain that neither me nor my son ever heard anything that remotely resembled that IU was in the lead for him.
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    I have never been able figure out how to link a tweet to HSN. Perhaps one of you fine people can do it for me. Regarding a tweet that Dick Vitale tweeted today ( June 29). That both LSU and Arizona will be hit with level one violations from NCAA, sometime, late July or early August.
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    He is making a major decision and he is a very thoughtful guy that sees no reason to rush anything. From our standpoint it may seem to be dragging along. From his, it is a huge decision that has been screwed up by the pandemic and he still have plenty of time. Even if he is 90/10 pro IU, and I am not saying he is, there is still no need to rush it if you look at it from his vantage point.
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    Arm strength down the seams
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    I'm quickly coming to appreciate those points. I have one friend (native Texan) who carries all the time. He's very cautious even though he's been carrying for 30+ years. I know how to shoot...but the subtleties of safety are my main focus right now. Trying to schedule an intro class, but they're hard to get into right now. September 5th is the earliest one I've found so far...
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    I don't think enough people realize the responsibility that comes with an owning a gun. From knowing the laws, keeping proficient, and, of course, storing safely.
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    I bet I can guess what the dog on the right was thinking..."What in God's name are you doing?!?!"
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    Cubs announced 60 day camp roster last night. Nothing real big except one name was missing. Brandon Morrow wasn't on invite list. Maybe I missed. Did he announce he was done for the year again? Probably got injured putting on his cleats last week.
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    I have developed a groundhog problem. Looked through some instructional videos and have decided on this method.
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    "Beating a dead horse" is one of our strengths.😀
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    Why bring Nojel into a conversation that has zero to do with him? The guy isn’t the most intelligent guy ever but he’s also not an idiot. Nojel’s downfall wasn’t because of lack of intelligence. His downfall was letting his mom run the show. Lack of maturity no question but he’s not dumb. Seems like a beating a dead horse situation at this point.
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    I hear you. I'm not a fan either, but I'd ask you to trust the mods/admins to do their jobs and drop the multiple requests for removal. They see what this member has done and I'm 100% fine with allowing others who want to spar with Sark to do that. If it becomes too much, the mods and admins will do their job and be rid of the issue, but until then, request after request for removal is unnecessary. You & I have put him on mute. He's no longer bothering me and shouldn't be bothering you. That should be good enough to move on.
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    Well I found 5 - 4”x6”’s and enough other pieces to at least get a corner started. Per my usual method I started digging the holes by hand. Since I’m totally NOT “Bought into” this project I quickly became bored and day dreamed of happily going to the liquor store. Just then it hit me. A neighbor told me some months ago, he’s got a one man powered auger. In the UTV I lept and off I went. 43 cc’s of redneck amazement soon began and what would have been 2 hours, was complete in 7 minutes. Why am I the last to learn these new tricks? I’ve since ordered one, 110cc’s!!! ( I may find oil) and turned on 4 new projects that I wanted, but didn’t want to dig the holes for. Now kill this plague and sell me some freakin lumber already!
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    I am sure many long time members know him from our time at Scout and 247. There was never a time when I have pm'd Evan.... that he did not reply back to me. Moving on from 247. To become a CBB agent. Prominent Recruiting Reporter Evan Daniels Becoming CBB Agent All the best Evan !
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    Meh. '007 never went to law school. Though, if in a bar, he did like his drink 'Shaken, not Stirred'.
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    Mike Leake of the Diamondbacks does not need the $16MM he was scheduled to make this year either. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29384052/diamondbacks-mike-leake-opts-playing-2020-season
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    Well, whether he does or he doesn't, I'm in the same camp as @Seeking6... I want the B10 to be a destination conference for the top ranked kids. I'm sure if it's perceived that way, IU will get their fair share...
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    My wife was a teacher for 40 years. The students that redshirted or came in at the end of their birthday, most always did better. So we chose to redshirt our son. Thing he loved about that was in high school... he was the first of his classmates to get a driver's license. Made him popular with the young ladies.
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    This is getting more and more common. My friend did it with all 3 of his kids. Mostly they didn't think their kids were mentally ready for school at 5 so they waited a year.
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    Do you ever rest ? Seems like you are bringing more IU information out than ever before, during this pandemic. It has not gone unnoticed , nor not appreciated. Thanks for all you do. And please stay safe.
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    Great interview. You were able to get a few more specifics than we have heard from other interviews Trey has conducted.
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    I have a player coming in 2020 class that I’ve coached in high school basketball. I’m not going to say who because I like to keep myself anonymous. He should be a good one though. MLB teams have already been in contact during basketball season this past year.
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    Whatever happened to the idea that people can have different beliefs but can still work towards the same goal?
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    We haven't rally had any storms lately, so I've been watering my tomatoes daily. Tomatoes in containers need more water than those in the ground. Have been hoping for some rainy days - though not plant damaging ones like you guys are seeing! I did notice a few days ago that some of our cherry tomatoes are starting to turn colors. Behold the color red for the first time this season!
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    A rational voice from within the ranks... https://mlb.nbcsports.com/2020/06/25/report-trevor-bauer-feels-marginalized-by-mlbpa/
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    Hollering ho's and B***hes 7' away from a boat with 3 and 5 year old girls on it is unacceptable..period
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    I'm constantly amazed by the number and types of women carrying these days. A year or two ago I was at a picnic and sitting at a table with a bunch of old ladies (60s+). A couple worked downtown Chicago but they all carried. Kudos to them!
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    I think the difference in the fan bases is that if we found out Archie did something wrong we would want him gone. At places like UK their fans don't care if the coach cheats as long as they win.
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    That's ridiculous. We know there's corruption in college basketball. We know a sizable chunk of the top 100 are getting benefits that are against the rules and we know what schools those kids go to. We know of a handful of high major coaches that have been proven to have corruption in their programs (Pitino, Self, Wade, Sean Miller). We know that specific players at the schools (Duke and UK) that have been accused in this thread have been taken impermissible benefits. You act like fans are pulling these opinions out of thin air. There is enough smoke, evidence and proof to be able to make an educated guess that many of the top players that go to the top programs are getting what are currently deemed illegal benefits. And yes, I think players that have gone to IU have received impermissible benefits. I think Tom Crean was up to something when IU was having their second bad season in a row and then all of the sudden had Thon Maker and I believe Thomas Bryant attend the same game in late-Feb/early March (might have the date wrong), while also being in on Ray Kasongo (I think that was the name), while also eventually recruiting Billy Preston. So no, I wouldn't be mad or dumbfounded is someone accused IU. I don't think IU does it as deep or consistently as Duke, UK or KU, but I think IU has participated. My sister lives on the opposite side of the country than me. I don't have proof she ate breakfast today, but I can make a pretty educated guess that she did.
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    First pick from the Garden this year
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    No bother going into the why. Swanigan nice player in college. Johnson nice 4 year player that never played in the pros similar to AJ Hammons. Some of these picks almost feel like sympathy picks for a coach who has been at a school for 15 years. Cody fans (or I ) don't need to explain how much better he was. We already know.
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    Carsen, Happ, Sullinger, Swanigan especially, Murphy...even Johnson is laughable over Cody. Oh well. Folks in Chicago haven't got things right in about 40 years. No reason to worry much about this one.
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    Yogi was an All B10 defensive team selection his senior year... All around player, it's Yogi hands down...Edwards was a one trick pony...
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