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    Just remember this one next time I’m wrong please.....😂🤣
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    He wants to, and is in line to. As long as there are no set backs he will be a Hoosier next year.
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    We got this one right! Hope the others I’ve been hearing come aboard. It will be an all Indiana team if it happens.
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    His dad is the one who made him commit to UK to begin with so I wouldn’t give him a ton of credit.
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    I’ll say it once, and it’s not set in stone, Kaufman, Duncomb, Goode all real close to committing or IU is in the lead. Furst going to MSU from what I’ve been told.
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    A couple of thoughts on landing Lander... I think he will reclassify. There was really no need to commit this early if he wasn't. And I think it benefits both parties. Khristian gets a head start on getting his body college ready and beyond with a bonafide training program. He's gonna have to gain strength to compete with B10 guards, and I think Cliff Marshall will do wonders for him. Plus, he gets a head start on playing with kids like Anthony and Trey who he obviously likes and enjoys being around. They've talked. The picture of all the Indiana kids, both already there and incoming, tells me they've talked about being a special group and restoring IU to its place as a basketball powerhouse. We, as fans, get the obvious benefit of watching a skilled kid provide depth and play at a high level. Finally, I hope this lops off the "Archie has trouble recruiting" argument that's brought to the table as a side dish seemingly after every loss...He's a good recruiter. Kids see the intensity and the determination to win. And, apparently some good ones want to be a part of that... Damn, for a Wednesday, I'm stoked!
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    Well.. IUwins0708 and my info were good. I certainly rarely get info. But Brunk, Romeo, and Lander my source was spot on.
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    DGAF what others think but Archie is delivering on his promise to lock down the State. Give him the time he needs.
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    Thanks to @IUwins0708. When he talks listen. The info he shares is spot on at that moment. Things might change but at that moment he is very dialed in. I was not very close on this recruitment but got a few texts yesterday but vowed not to spread anything until I felt confident and I did not see this one coming this soon Kudos to the guys that brought us the intel. HUGE GET for our Hoosiers. Great job CAM and staff. Cant wait to see Lander on the court at Assembly Hall, he is a game changer. Thank you Romeo you paved the way for TJD, Lander and many others to come . Your impact on the floor was great but will be much more important off court. No truth at all about Lander and Kaufman not wanting to play together. I would be shocked if Kaufman does not pop for IU. The buzz is back on for guys to committ while spots are available. Great day to be a Hoosier, now kick some Purdue butt to cap off a great week.
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    Got to get this off my chest. What with all the recent replacement talk. Coach Miller continues to live up to his promise of locking up the state.
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    That's the thing. With one fall swoop our back court changed on a dime for the next 2 years and allows us the time to focus on wings/bigs exclusively in these next 2 classes. I did want to say one small thank you to a guy who hasn't been mentioned in this thread I don't believe. Thank you Romeo. People can say whatever they want about on court last year...but his commitment to IU and Archie continues to pay dividends. Much like when Cody said yes...it was almost like a green light that it was cool to say yes to IU again.
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    Quick....check Jerry Meyer’s pick and see if he got it correct....😝
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    On Brooks, he didn’t want to go to UK, wanted to change his mind after verbally committing to UK, now wants out of UK. Only one thing got/and continues to get in his way. I’ll let you guys decide on what that is...😉
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    RMK@ Squealer's BBQ in Mooresville
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    SIAP, but this is the height of comedy. Slick Rick was turning down kids who were asking for money? Who knew?
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    Love that he gets it. He understands that fans in Indiana know basketball. I will say it again our crazy fans that love IU basketball does much more good than our CRAZY few fans that go over the top in a negative way
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    Bingo. Offer was said to be coming very soon. More confidence with Kaufman and Duncomb
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    Trust me. As I mentioned in another thread....couple of you guys have made some of us follow this board and revisions for almost 13 years after the Sampson stuff. Smart guys stay on this board and we thank you.
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    Archies seat is as cool as can be tonight.
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    We did this last season with TJD... Remember when he was going to coming off the bench behind Smith, Brunk, and Davis? Lol. Our returning guards are just not very good. Lander will be getting meaningful minutes from day one.
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    The UL board isn't happy. https://247sports.com/college/louisville/board/103990/Contents/lander-commits-to-indiana-144269823/?page=1
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    I don't think there is any truth to that rumor. Kaufman became an elite prospect later than Lander, so he was historically not getting the same AAU opportunities as Lander. When Kaufman finally broke out last year, Lander was playing a class ahead (with Leal and Galloway). Until this summer's upcoming AAU season, there was no legitimate chance for them to play together. Sounds like a rival fan just wanting to start something.
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    Now if we can end the year strong by winning at Purdue, not being one-and-done in the Big Ten tourney, and make some noise in the NCAA, than the optimism and excitement for next year will be strong.
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    Don't listen to them Trayce. They're all wrong. You need 3 more years!!!
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    Duke loses to Wake Forest last night...they fall from #6 to #6.
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    From the IndyStar article... “I just feel like they never acted different, no matter what type of recruits they could have gotten. They stayed consistent,” Lander said. “And the loyalty thing is real big for me.” And... “It’s a basketball state,” Lander said. “I feel like the fanbase is ridiculous. They love basketball and all their players that have been there.” I really like this kid...
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    Not to sound arrogant in any sort of way, but it's actually fact (not just a line of thinking). I'm REALLY good friends with the FR coach at CG that was there while Trayce was there. TJD absolutely loves Romeo, really looks up to him. I'm sure Mr. Lander saw the commitment of those two.. and the chance to play with TJD in college and couldn't pass it up.
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    Correct. Romeos commitment still matters. That was a big factor for Trayce.
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    Yeah. “son part of life is living up to my commitments for you”
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    He’s a top 30 recruit in 2020, in my opinion. More importantly he feels a huge need.
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    Weird, I thought the H🔥t Seat thread on HSN was gonna scare him off for sure...
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    I don't think people were anti-Archie per se, the program just appeared to be teetering on the edge a few weeks ago. He seems to mostly have gotten that under control. As someone who was feeling bad about Miller a few weeks ago, making the tournament and landing future classes full of talent are the types of things I was looking for this year. If that occurs, I am comfortably back on the bandwagon. I did not want Archie to go, I want whoever occupies that seat to be wildly successful. He has struggled to get his feet under him, there are signs he may have finally started to do that. That makes me happy. We all want the team to be successful. Welcome aboard to Lander, now we can have him start actively recruiting his class along with his AAU teammates we have committed as well. Go get Kauffman and then look for one or two more big fish in that 21 class.
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    It’s just ridiculous to tell a talented kid who, regardless of initial destination, want to bring their talents to the program, that they are no longer wanted out of spite. Its petulant. It’s petty. Besides all that, it’s a bad look for the program.
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    I was about to go to sleep, then decided to check the site one last time, and this happens. Awesome get whether for 20 or 21. It feels good to be a Hoosier tonight. Puck Furdue. (Mods feel free to change this if it violates any swearing rules.)
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    Lot of momentum around the program and Purdue is prime for the picking! Would be another massive win. Let’s show up and get revenge!
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    Wowwwww, this is just absolutely huge in so many aspects. Perception, recruiting momentum, and just fills a big time need. Winning games like they did on Sunday and landing recruits like this is how you silence the doubters (including me). Can’t wait to argue with people saying he won’t be able to take minutes from our mediocre returning guards all off-season, lol.
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    Yup, thats our bland, sad sack of a coach. The bat $h!t crazy guy putting the phi knuckle shuffle on the dry erase board mid game, well, that guy shoulda had a snickers.
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    Visions of Lander-Phinisee-Trayce working the high-low game with the slashers we have on the roster are dancing in my head (if he did indeed reclass to ‘20).
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    As always. We thank you. Some of the minor league folks around here come and go but we appreciate you both.
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    One of the things that we've all been concerned about is guard play, particularly Rob's struggles to stay healthy and consistent. If KL goes 2020 and we can bring in a shooter, either from the transfer portal or grad transfer, we're going to be in really good shape next year. Feeling the best I've felt about this program in half a decade, and really starting to feel like we're building something that can be consistently successful. Great work by CAM.
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    Based on what is here and what is in the hopper, I can't imagine IU has room for him, especially if he has to sit a year. I think Archie would be very much against shoving out someone who chose IU for someone who made a decision they now regret. I don't fault the kid, but I do fault a coach I feel was dishonest and a parent that fell for it and pushed the kid hard in that direction. Personally, I'd wish him well and move on.
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