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  1. Either Oregon State is decent or USC is terrible. Regardless, pretty impressive to see OSU up 25 at the coliseum. Don’t think they’ve won there in like 60 years.
  2. Wasn’t trying to be subtle lol. Just the reality of the situation. Missing a ton of key guys right now.
  3. Lucky as hell but I’ll take it.
  4. With the way Purdue’s offense is playing, I don’t think it’s a bad move. Purdue’s D has been solid and the O has disappeared.
  5. Oh I’m already confident this game will end up a loss. Been there way too many times as a Purdue fan.
  6. Yep no doubt. I know not having Bell, Durham, Doerue, Horvath, and Rice hurts but it’s Illinois FFS.
  7. Fourth string TE needs to catch that ball. Brutal.
  8. It seems like swapping O’Neill and Arenado and Molina/Carlson has paid off. And Lester and Happ have helped way more than anyone thought. Also saw that this year is the Cards 14th straight season with a winning record which is nuts.
  9. Is Gibson Southern going to have much resistance in 3A this year? Seems like they haven’t met much so far this year.
  10. Just watched the series finale lol.
  11. Accepting bandwagon Cardinal fans if you guys are interested?
  12. Bell isn’t ruled out yet but I doubt he plays. Hopefully back next week.
  13. Cards just won their 12th in a row.
  14. Arenado got hurt on that insane catch. Hopefully nothing too serious.
  15. Definitely coming together at the right time. O’Neill has been a revelation and probably the biggest surprise of the season honestly. And who would’ve thought Happ and Lester would’ve stabilized the rotation like they have lol.
  16. Damn I thought I was on an island, glad to see another red bird fan!
  17. We need more Cardinals talk in this thread.
  18. Bell is in concussion protocol so we’ll see what happens with that.
  19. Rondale Moore had a hell of a day.
  20. The fact that you believe that tells me all I need to know. Have a good evening.
  21. I mean I’ve told you many many times if you don’t like me posting either put me on ignore or just don’t reply yet you keep doing it. You don’t like me posting that’s fine. Why you continue with the same old song and dance is beyond me.
  22. Don’t get your panties all bunched up.
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