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  1. I know I’m biased but idk how many other venues consistently get as loud as Mackey. It’s nuts!
  2. Lot of reasons we lost that game but I can’t pin it on Ivey. He still had a solid game even while being less than 100%. I blame the bench, too many turnovers, and crappy FT shooting.
  3. Hip-flexor that he injured in practice last week before the IU game.
  4. I honestly have no idea how Jack Keefer is still coaching lol. He was ancient when I was in school 15 years ago!
  5. After a day to cool off, I wanted to apologize for some of the stuff I said re Ivey and the game in general. Didn’t mean to derail the thread and wanted to man up and say my bad especially to @KoB2011and @btownqb Sorry bout that everyone!
  6. Didn’t realize Culver and Marian played each other tbh.
  7. Even if he was around when the Pacers pick came up, they’d probably pick some other guy who wouldn’t amount to much. They suck at drafting. Ivey would at least help get some additional butts in seats but I’m sure we’d draft someone like a TJ Leaf.
  8. I think he lost composure in the heat of the moment and did something dumb. I’m sure his mom had plenty to say about it to him after the game tbh. Level-headed good dudes lose their tempers sometimes.
  9. Bagley is much more of a 4 than Edey/Williams. Not sure how that example makes much sense since he’s not close to a similar player as Edey/Williams.
  10. Now he’s a punk?! Lol. I’ve certainly seen TJD do the whining before and the random flexes and screaming after he does something good. All are really good players who show emotion and can be immature at times but I certainly wouldn’t call TJD or XJ a punk.
  11. That’s laughably false. Does he have moments? Of course, what player doesn’t? Would you say the same about XJ and TJD for some of their antics?
  12. Can you share some examples of coaches that have two stud 5’s that they played together? Neither Edey nor Williams can play the 4.
  13. I’m guessing it’s not intentional but just happens sometimes. Who would’ve predicted Edey would turn into what he’s become? And I don’t care who you are but no coach is going to be able to consistently have two guys like Edey/Williams play together. Defense would never work.
  14. Not debating the game last night because you’re correct. Meant overall bench play for the season.
  15. Totally fair questions and we’ve switched off on who starts this year. Just tough when 2 of your best 3 players play the same position and can’t play alongside each other.
  16. I don’t think you’re off-base at all in saying that. But at the end of the day, you gotta make free throws and take care of the ball. Way too many self-inflicted wounds last night.
  17. Agree to disagree. Gillis certainly held his own against Race which was nice to see.
  18. I’m sure they did but I’m sure XJ/RP combining for 38 was far from the expectation. Sometimes you just have to tip your cap.
  19. I disagree that your bench is better but I think it’s debatable. They were certainly better than us last night but as a whole, not sure. We have an All B1G guy coming off our bench.
  20. Tre has won a lot of games for us and has been clutch at the end of games. Just didn’t work out this time. Edey can’t play the whole game unfortunately because of his size plus he and Tre both need to play.
  21. Why does it matter what he identifies as?
  22. I think you could also flip that and say if RP doesn’t have the best game of his career (that and him and XJ combining for 38 points and no turnovers), Purdue wins comfortably. A lot of strange things happened in that game: IU with only 3 TO’s Purdue going 7-17 from the line when they’re in the mid-70’s on the season Trevion playing maybe the worst game of his career including air balling a 3 footer that would’ve sealed it. TJD only scoring 4 points and being in foul trouble Purdue bench combining for 2 points and 4 TO’s I really think TJD being out of the game for the majority of the first half messed up our game plan. If that didn’t happen, I’m guessing we win but that’s just my hunch. In all, really good win for you guys but a weird game for a lot of reasons.
  23. I feel like Williams makes that shot 95 times out of 100. So weird.
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