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  1. If it was 2015-2019, I’m actually surprised ours is that high haha. That’s multiple years of the Hazell era lol.
  2. How is that list different than the other one where Purdue was well over a million?
  3. Fair point but it’s not like we played any of the big guys last year. Wisky and MSU were probably the two biggest.
  4. Purdue was right behind Iowa in terms of viewership last year which surprised me. If it’s strictly a football decision, other teams would be asked to leave before Purdue IMO.
  5. I think it helps both sides honestly. Don’t think either fleeced the other.
  6. Looks like Theis, Nesmith, Morgan, Stauskas, Fitts, and a first round pick next year. No way all those dudes stay on the Pacers imo. Some will get waived.
  7. 1000% didn’t read the second part of your post that’s on me. Haven’t been to Pullman before but will take your word for it.
  8. Guessing it was a package deal situation. Plus they’re both AAU members and being significant clout academically.
  9. Sucks for the rest of the Pac12 but I love this move. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see this happen. Travel will be something to keep an eye on but I could see then scheduling teams to play both at USC and at UCLA during a week-trip to minimize issues there. Love this!
  10. Those are fair questions/points and I’m not sure what all went into it. Plenty of questions that I’ll never know the answers to. But in the grand scheme of things, I’m not worried about it. Things will work themselves out.
  11. Why should we be embarrassed? It’s one game and it’ll be different next year. What’s not to buy re the Loyer stuff? Painter has scheduled games in the past for certain players/previous coaches close to their hometown/circumstantial ones like this/etc. We’ll have plenty of good matchups in the PK85 tournament.
  12. I think this (for this year at least) was mainly set up to be a Loyer versus Loyer matchup. Teams aren’t locked in like they were for Crossroads Classic.
  13. From what we’ve heard, that’s what it sounds like it’s moving toward. The field next year should look quite a bit different.
  14. Wouldn’t be surprised if the teams in it in the coming years are higher-quality tbh. More to come but that’s what we’re hearing on our end.
  15. Pretty sure we haven’t played them Christmas break when Curry was there. Kramer and co shut him down that game which is still wild to think about. He turned out okay though…
  16. Not sure what that has to do with my post lol. But I have no issues with that game. Setting up a Loyer versus Loyer matchup is cool and we’ll see how things progress going forward. Don’t think we’re tied down to this thing going forward and it’s not like the Crossroads where it’s the same 4 teams. I don’t think we were too worried about non-conference SOS this upcoming season due to who we’d likely play in the PK85 tournament which is stacked.
  17. QB commit is a 4* but point taken.
  18. I just realized that the ACC has 15 teams so one team always gets the shaft haha. Sucks to be NC State this year.
  19. Good state to do that in. We had 3 from there last year and just landed our 2nd from there today. LSU can’t get all of them.
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