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  1. Yep…still has some maturing to do with his game but I do sense a little Kobe in him. For good and bad.
  2. I never understand why the officiating varies so wildly dealing with the NBA and road vs home. I always felt in college the kids get more effected by a few bad calls and the crowd etc so the officiating has a bigger influence but nba officials should be the best in the world and yet the way they call games is always so home friendly. With the exception of a few star treatment (Lebron/Steph/KD and Kobe/MJ etc back in the day) seemed home teams always got the benefit. Boston doesn’t have any really established stars yet to get that benefit…although they are on the verge of changing that with what Tatum has been doing.
  3. Lol…not sure but Aihua International Market I heard was pretty good when you were trying to get all your ingredients for at home. Also heard China Market was a good go to spot as well if you were looking for authentic cuisine. I remember there was another one north of town too but it’s been awhile since I lived there and I forget it’s name. So there at least are options lol.
  4. All good my friend lol…just giving you a little ribbing lol. Of course it wasn’t ideal…but this whole post season seems to be about overcoming adversity more so then who is the best team. Can’t think of a single team who hasn’t played without some stars or at 100%…including you guys. It’s about having your guys step up to the challenge…will the greatness of Tatum come out. Will Brown step up to that second star status. Time for your guys to grow into that next generation of stars.
  5. I’ve heard that these workouts etc play very little factor into the process for most teams. That they want the measurements and work off their tape mostly…but then again that’s for first rounders. I’m sure in the second the criteria is less about upside and potential and more about can they help the team now or fit for a lot of them. Purdue was horrible with ball screen defense and as much as I do think Williams has a nice well rounded game I don’t know how well his game translates to the nba. Trayce as well…but at least Trayce has some elite athleticism to help make up for his lack of shooting…there could be some upside…Williams may be a better shooter now but his ceiling is way lower. Be surprised to see him drafted but no doubt he will have a good professional career somewhere once he finds his fit between g-league and overseas.
  6. With the way teams play nba bigs off the floor in the postseason…I don’t know I could ever take one in the top 10 unless they were a transcendent talent like Jokic or Embiid. Perhaps a team that has everything else and just needs a piece but I’d much rather invest in a guy like JJJ who can step out or Larry Nance Jr who is just an athletic tweener etc then big money on guys like traditional bigs like say the Wiseman’s or Gobert.
  7. I don’t think too many Pacer fans fill sorry for the “luck” of the Celtics lol….but yeah they have an uphill climb. Flip side Miami is without Lowry. Be interesting to see how much fuel Butler has in his tank. Last few series he has had several of these big 35-40 pt games but followed them up with 20-24 pt games. Focus will definitely be on him tonight.
  8. I’ll say this NBA. 48 3s can be very very ugly basketball. Gosh that was atrocious by the Mavs. Sure when they go in it looks great but dang it is unwatchable when it isn’t. I’m not here to say it’s not more efficient etc etc because every game isn’t like tonight but man because of the streakiness and all the 3s it just feels like their is more blow outs in the post season then before. Seems like there used to be slug fests and close battles every game in the 90s and early 2000s. Now it’s win or lose by 30 if you shoot well or not. Can be hard to watch for the most part. Maybe it’s just anecdotal on my part but it feels that way especially this year. A close game is losing in the teens.
  9. You aren’t moving up to top 2. No player or pick is going to get a team to move off a potential star. It’s like saying OKC would have traded back to give up KD. There is no package worth that. Not sure anyone at the top is in a win now situation except the Pelicans who are ready now with that team and could use one more good veteran guard to pair with their young stars. Another McCollum kind of player to maybe have that Chris Paul effect for them like Phoenix did with their young core. I don’t see us moving up much except maybe to say pick 5 maybe….better chance to make a move with Charlotte or Knicks or Pelicans imo who want to compete now and later in the lottery.
  10. Pacers said they are going to try to be aggressive in trying to either move up for their guy or try to get additional lottery pick. Look for Myles, Heild, and Brogdon to be on the trade block. My Brogdon plus 31 to Pelicans for #8 plus salary filler could be in play lol.
  11. I think he mixed up Harry Giles with Carter but yeah…some just take a couple years to find their game. Read the Sharpe kid has like an almost 7 foot wing span…geez!! That’s pretty crazy for a shooting guard.
  12. They have a lot of bigs…but they have a lot of guards too lol. RJ Hampton, Anthony, Suggs, Fultz…tons of young players…this is what I mean…teams that just keep sucking and getting another bite at the Apple over and over because they won’t sign veteran’s or even try to make the playoffs. But they will make some trades of their bigs. There isn’t a guard worthy of number 1 pick….they will take Chet or Smith.
  13. If I was the Pacers I’d try to make a move with the Pelicans or Knicks by moving Brogdon and the 31 to get another bite at the 8 or 11 picks. I would think both those teams would rather have quality veteran for playoff push and our timeline for a reset doesn’t match up with guys like Brogdon and Heild.
  14. They would be well served to bring in a guy like Brunson to be a leader and surround him with guys like Wagnor, Chet/Smith, and WCJ and Bamba. They already have Cole Anthony but I don’t think he is a leader you would want at the point for a young team. Maybe move Suggs to the 2 or let Jalen play off the ball like Mavs do.
  15. I’m just tired of the same franchises being rewarded for sucking and spending decades tanking for multiple top picks. You should be incentivized to try to get better and play all your games. You get a top 5 pick one year then the next no matter if you have the worst record you shouldn’t be able to pick in top 10…should be 11-15 and then the following they could be 6-10 and finally 3 years later eligible to pick in top 5 again.
  16. We’d be lucky for Sharpe to be there at 6. Not happy.
  17. They are very streaky shooting. Dinwidde could as easily go 3-15 as 10-15. Brunson can be taken advantage of at the defensive end…GS does have multiple guys to throw at Luka with Green/Kuminga/Wiggins.
  18. Of course we didn’t move up. Team like Sacremento who gets top draft picks every year gets another.
  19. Those selections are terrible…imo. It was like they were willing certain teams to get certain guys having them fall or having teams make terrible decisions ahead of them.
  20. Good luck to the Pacers tomorrow night. Of all the teams that deserve a #1 pick it is the Pacers. A franchise that really tries to run things the right way. Has always tried to win and put a playoff caliber team on the floor even while everyone else is tanking and trading for draft picks we just trying to put a winning product out there. Be nice to luck into a generational talent (even if I’m not sure there is one in this draft). Something tells me the NBA will reward a bigger market though.
  21. I am not sold on this current GS iteration. My favorite player GP2 is hurt. They lucked out with Morant going down and Phoenix choking out. I’ve liked their offense and movement but agree they are a step slower and not nearly as good as their other championship teams. That said Dallas is a one man show…and unless guys get super hot I don’t see them beating GS. Imo the champs will come out of the East….baring some more injuries. Miami and Boston is going to be a slug fest…defensive thriller reminicient of the 90s…
  22. That has to replace the Lance/Lebron one correct!?
  23. In short same issue…can’t navigate from previous page in safari from iPhone. When I quote it doesn’t take me to last message so I can’t see if it took.
  24. Hindsight 20/20 but it’s really really hard to believe teams passed on the two stars tonight in their respective drafts. How Fultz and Ball went before Tatum and how Ayton and Bagley went before Doncic. I think it shows a lot with Philly…you can have a process and all the top picks you want but if you don’t execute them then it doesn’t matter. Outside Embiid they did a horrible job…not just with Fultz and Simmons but they also traded away Mikal Bridges geez. I just hope Indy makes the right pick or lucks into getting the right guy left for them…because nothing is certain even in the lottery.
  25. I didn’t see this coming for sure. I was really expecting a repeat finals but could understand the Bucks falling short with Middleton out no way Giannis could carry that team on his own…but Phoenix has no excuse…and Chris Paul is cementing his legacy.
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