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  1. Also I would think someone of that age would have a better outlook on things. So negative. Can’t imagine in another 30 years going around being a grump. Just joined the board to say he is done…it’s truly impressive.
  2. But wasn’t he around for a long while? This guy just shows up? Ok…sure
  3. You guys holding up pretty good so far. I don’t expect you to win but it would be good for the B1G.
  4. I just think pretending that the offense wasn’t worse than it was because of the great position (field) that the defense gave them is short sighted. We can’t just wait for them to make a big play…offense needs to play with more urgency and much much sharper. Left too many points on the field and honestly had a hard time sustaining drives. They are struggling mightily…I’m not going to let the close game distract me from that. We’ve played two quality opponents and I’ve been hugely disappointed by our offense in both. OL pass protection and qb play.
  5. Rooting for Purdue today. Watching it…they look much improved this year. Be a battle against them when we play.
  6. This guy is over 70 years old and found our board? Interesting lol
  7. The offense needs a kick start. If it wasn’t for our defense creating momentum we wouldn’t have much of any. I know we talk about if we just eliminate our turnovers and the kick return we would win but if the defense doesn’t come up with their big momentum plays we had like one maybe two good drives all game. We can’t win depending on turnovers. Either we got to do a better job getting Penix into throws he is comfortable with or we need a change.
  8. Beat ourselves. All the ways to lose that is the worst. We had enough talent to win today.
  9. We really need to figure out how to generate offense. It’s wonderful to score after the defense serves it up to them but dang guys you can’t live off that forever.
  10. Unfortunately he has made several this year. Has a huge arm but my goodness late throws over the middle…forced coverage…I mean every way possible. We fall in love with that one or two dazzling throw and spend the next dozen shaking our heads. Tuttle isn’t dynamic enough but geez as good as our defense is we may not need that.
  11. This game momentum has certainly changed.
  12. I meant Iowa made us pay…we just haven’t maximized the damage the way we should have. Hope we don’t regret it.
  13. True but that is not a young player…been in the program for a long time. As a qb I guess I expect them to be one of the smartest guys on the field….bothers me more I suppose.
  14. Should be a 3 score game. Iowa had buried us by this point.
  15. Dang need to scoop and score. Our offense can’t do crap down here.
  16. He is a senior…geez how much maturation do we need before we move on.
  17. I wish Hendershot would take on that defender and drive thru for more yards. He isn’t going to out dance anyone and I hate turning your back.
  18. Going to be tough down here. They have a good defense.
  19. Actually should have given that one to Bell that time.
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