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  1. I turned down a $60K raise because I would have had to move to Scottsdale. Nothing wrong with Scottsdale, it just didn’t feel right after I prayed about it. Less than a year later the entire sale force at Adobe was reorganized and I would have been in Scottsdale without a job. By the way, I did thank my deity for that after it all happened.
  2. Yeah .... well, I’m a mountain sports guy. I like to be able to go climb a 14er on a whim if I want to. I used to take the family camping every summer, I have a spot in the mountains we would go to, one hour from my house, where we could not see another living soul until we wanted to. I’m hoping to make my first solo winter 14er climb this winter. I just have to find a good 4 wheel drive truck to borrow.
  3. Didn’t Phinisee do the same thing last year. I kinda remember him having a huge scoring year his senior year.
  4. I had something like that happen to me early in my career. Adobe Software wanted to hire me at about triple the salary, but I would have had to move to Scottsdale from Denver. My first son had just been born and we had just gotten settled in our first house. My wife had just finally gotten a good job in her field (accounting at the time) and was not really keen on starting over again. In the end I decided not to take the job and less than a year later Adobe restructured their entire sales organization and I would have been stuck in Scottsdale with no job and no contacts. I was happy that I had not jumped at just getting more money.
  5. The irony of that is that this is a Federal Reserve note. The Fed is a central bank and Jackson’s proudest accomplishment of his presidency was that he did not allow the formation of a second central bank in the US.
  6. I think this was the case for Kirk Haston. He took the opportunity, and the money, and was smart with it. I think it set him up for the rest of his life.
  7. They will get used to it ...trust me. My kids are.
  8. When my son got a concussion he was not even allowed to take tests at school until the headaches were gone for two weeks. “No running, jumping, bright lights or thinking hard.”
  9. I have to resync the feeds after every commercial break. Kinda odd...
  10. He seems to be getting the McBob assignments.
  11. Me too. I watch on my Roku Fox Sports app. That way I can sync the feeds.
  12. IU WINS!!! 1-0 Headed to the college cup for the 20th time
  13. IU takes a 1-0 lead with 26:21 left.
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