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  1. SteveS

    Big Ten Football

    Hmmmm. Ted Valentine anyone... careful what stones you throw. LOL
  2. SteveS

    The Off-Topic Thread

    I tell my kids (ages 21 and 19) and their friends that showing up on time and working your entire shift is all it takes to get noticed (and put the damn phone away while you are working). Don’t worry about how much you get when you start, managers will notice that you are a good worker and give more money and responsibility. It amazes me how many electricians I have worked with that cannot ignore their text messages and phone calls while they are up on a ladder working. If I could get away with a no phone policy I would do it in a New York minute, but nobody seems to be able to live anymore without their phone in their pocket (or hand).
  3. SteveS

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Y’all think you have problems. Try finding electricians in Denver, Colorado who are passably qualified AND can pass a drug test. We do lighting projects in hospitals and medical office buildings and cannot have people working who have any kind of drug history. Half the time we get people in, they don’t bother showing up for the drug test and we never hear from them again.
  4. SteveS

    Mobile? Or desktop?

    Always mobile, mostly iPad but sometimes on my phone. I don’t even own a desktop anymore, but I do use my wife’s laptop for anything I can’t do on the iPad.
  5. Had Bender gone to college he would never have made a dime because he would have been hurt the whole time. Bust or not, he was able to make enough money from the NBA to jumpstart his life.
  6. SteveS

    FIU Game Thread

    My thoughts exactly...
  7. SteveS

    FIU Game Thread

    Why not put Penix in? We have a comfortable lead, bet him some game experience.
  8. SteveS

    FIU Game Thread

    They both have the same number.
  9. SteveS

    FIU Game Thread

    Penix at QB. 72 yard drive for a TD.
  10. SteveS

    FIU Game Thread

    Yeah, the defense isn’t looking stellar at this point.
  11. SteveS

    FIU Game Thread

    I thought that IU had spotty attendance.
  12. SteveS

    Over weight guys!!!!!!

    Most Americans don’t know the difference between hunger and thirst and most of us are dehydrated a lot of the time. We get this feeling and think we are hungry so we snack when we should be drinking water. You need to drink at least 50% of your body weight in ounces of water every day. So if you weigh 200 lbs you should be drinking 100 ounces of water every day. This will go a long way in reducing cravings between meals.
  13. SteveS

    Rising Suicide Rates

    All of the above and more. Drugs: Anti-depressant drugs have a block box warning about suicidal and homicidal tendencies, this is especially strong when the drugs are not taken correctly or stopped cold turkey. Almost every single school shooter has been on some form of anti-depressant. Some Doctors are pushing these drugs on anyone who’s ever gotten upset about anything and once they are on them it is very difficult to get off. The biggest side effect (in my opinion) of our war in Afghanistan is the insanely huge increase in the amount of opium being grown there. The current opioid problem (not just in America) is a direct result of that increase. Nutrition: The lack of nutritional value in the average diet today is alarming. The nutrients that, say, an apple has today is nowhere near what it had 35 years ago. The decrease in available nutrients from the soil is alarming and the increase in non-natural fertilizer is making things worse. GMO foods are modified to allow higher and higher amounts of Round-Up (Glyphosate) to be used on a crops. Glyphosate contamination has been anecdotally linked to a number of neurological issues as well as cancer. There are people who strongly believe that glyphosate is also a triggering agent of sorts, along with the increase in adjuvants in vaccines, that has led to the marked increase in autism. Guns: I am a big believer in responsible gun ownership. The responsibility of owning a gun is what is most overlooked in the gun debate. If I start having suicidal or homicidal thoughts then it is my responsibility to do something with my guns so that I don’t become a danger to myself or somebody else. It is also my responsibility to have my guns locked up so that my children can’t access them. Social Media: I think the impact of social media can’t be overlooked. I hardly ever get on Facebook, but when I do I am amazed at how much fun everyone but me is having every single day. I have a friend from IU that just took his entire family on vacation to Australia, I would have to take out a second mortgage on my house to be able to do that. As I understand, from talking to my kids about it, people rarely post about the crap that is going on in their lives and are constantly being told their political views are wrong (no matter which side they are on). If I were having issues in my life and were thinking “what’s the point of it all”, getting on Facebook would probably send me over the edge.
  14. This is pretty much how I feel about it. I don’t doubt that there may be skeletons out there somewhere, but I also have to believe he doesn’t have a World Wide Wes on speed dial either. Just looking at his recruiting leads me to think that he isn’t paying recruits. He doesn’t seem to be pulling in the caliber of recruit that I would see as getting paid. One thing I’ve always admired about Beilein is his ability to win at a good level without the 5 star “can’t miss” talent.