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  1. I have to think that a year and a half of online classes has changed some people’s thought process towards “attending class”
  2. I thought I read somewhere that there was a plan for this. Something like “two games under the average number of games played this year would get you eligible”. Soooo.... I threw all the games played into a spreadsheet and projected out two weeks. At this point the average games played per team is/will be 6.71 games, subtract 2 from that and 5 games will get OSU into the championship game.
  3. ESPN is giving Michigan a 61.8 chance now.
  4. The snow is not an issue. The issue is that it’s 14 degrees right now (feels like 1) and will only be 18 degrees at game time, the high for the day.
  5. I’ve always said that my favorite meal is the one I don’t have to cook. I don’t mind cooking, but I’d rather just clean it all up afterwards.
  6. Did you listen to the podcast? Some of the studies done are criminal.
  7. Here is an interview with an ER doctor regarding HCQ. It’s about an hour long, but worth it. TMR 246 : Dr. Simone Gold : On the Politicisation of HCQ I think the reality is that HCQ and zinc is the cure but big pharma can’t make any money on that.
  8. I understand there to be a priority system in place. I found out tonight that we are getting 6 of our usual 8 seats. We’ve been getting tickets every year since 1969, so I think we have a high priority number. I’m not sure though, my brother takes care of the tickets for the family.
  9. Put me in group 3.75. I use hand sanitizer sometimes and I only wear a mask to get into Costco. I’d be closer to 4, but all the actual bars at the bars are not allowed to be open, so I can’t belly up to any yet.
  10. The last time I was attempting to summit Torreys peak (a 14,000 ft peak in Colorado) via the Kelso ridge (a class 3 climb) there were two helicopters searching for a missing hiker. They found him the next day dead, not 100 yards from the trail I would have been on had I continued up. It was July and the snow was still so deep last summer that my nephew and I ended up turning back about a half mile from the summit. let people know indeed...
  11. Yeah, my brother is finishing all that up. I only had 1 week there for us to get all the major work done. None of the downspouts were reattached when I had to leave Sunday morning.
  12. Some pics of the project. It turned out looking pretty good.
  13. Well, she was not too fringe to be invited in the first place. Seems a bit thin skinned to cancel because a professor and “almost 500” others didn’t like it. I’m not a big fan of Ivanka Trump, or her husband, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be allowed to speak to college graduates. Especially since she is currently involved in diplomatic negotiations with many other countries and the UN.
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