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  1. 2018 coaching vacancies

    Backup quarterbacks and bench players tend to do very well as coaches. The truly great players have a certain something that cannot be taught, they don’t tend to be able to teach the fundamentals that just came naturally to them. Guys who have to work hard to even get to sit the bench ... they tend to understand how to teach the game much better.
  2. Patience

    IU has never really had a quick hook with basketball coaches. Since Everett Dean the only coach that didn’t get at least 6 years was Sampson and that was for NCAA violations, he was also the only coach to not win at least a share of a Big Ten crown. Watson and Davis both got 6 years and Crean got 9. Patience has never been a problem at IU like it has at other schools.
  3. Some good Romeo/TJD Highlights here

    All I’m saying is that the announcers during the last few minutes of the Bloomington South game said that Romeo had tied Thomas. They could have been wrong, I have not been following it that closely.
  4. Some good Romeo/TJD Highlights here

    I thought that Romeo ended the Bloomington South game tied with Deshaun Thomas for 3rd place. The announcers on the IHSAAtv broadcast were talking about it throughout the end of the game. If they were right then he only needs 77 points points to pass Damon, which is still possible in the next two games.
  5. 2018 coaching vacancies

    “In his coaching career, Pitino owns a 770-271 record and 12 conference tournament titles across three different conferences.” How many of those 271 losses were actually wins that had to be vacated for cheating? How many final four games were vacated? In the end it won’t matter, Pitino will get hired by another AD that wants to win and thinks he can control the cheating bastard. Ten years from now, they will all be shocked and disappointed to find out that cheating took place at their school.
  6. 18-19 Lineup(just for fun)

    I’m a little scared for Davis. I’m told achilles injuries are difficult to recover from and many people (well, normal people like you and me anyway) never get their full range of motion back. I am not at all affiliated with any medical field, but back in the day when I played rugby I got to know quite a few people who were. My understanding is that even having top notch doctors and the best rehab regiment doesn’t always result in the patient getting back to where they were before the injury.
  7. I'm in need of a new show -- what's good?

    Just finished season 1 of Jesica Jones on Netflix only to find that season 2 just dropped on Thursday. I have liked all the Marvel series on Netflix.