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  1. How is the guy that had better per 40 numbers than Ayo according to your buddy doing?
  2. Haven't watched the videos of the game, does hit shot form look better than last year? He actually hit multiple shots from the field in a single game which is an improvement in results, at least.
  3. Well, he's just some normal dude who started this up after the NIL times came into effect. He's been a poster over on rivals for years.
  4. Granted it's only 2 games and against cupcakes at that, but they appear to have pretty balanced scoring and multiple players that can hurt you. 4 players in double digits, with 3 of those being 15 ppg or more. 3 other players in the 8.5-9.5 ppg range. This will be a good defensive test.
  5. Another sign that BTN+ sucks. Making it difficult to cancel a subscription is shady business practice and a huge red flag to me. That indicates that the quality of their product isn't enough to keep people paying the subscription, they just hope they get so frustrated trying to cancel that they give up and keep paying.
  6. He looks his age. He's not one that looks older than his age so he's certainly not like Greg Oden who looked 40 years old while in HS.
  7. The thread title makes it quite clear what the topic is so if you don't care it isn't difficult to not look. No one is forcing you to view the thread. It's okay to not care but it's also okay to want to keep track of former players.
  8. No one will RS this season. Leal playing well
  9. Lander with FTs then a steal and score. Nice burst
  10. As soon as I say that Lander enters the game. RS no longer an option but I hope he plays well. Leal and Duncomb (forgot about him) could RS still.
  11. If they don't play they can redshirt, I don't believe it has to be decided before the season. They can only play a few games (up to 9 in in the first half of the season) if it's a medical redshirt for a season ending injury. Lander and Leal could both still RS as they haven't played yet this season.
  12. Up almost 40 and still no Lander yet?
  13. Former Miller recruits who transferred aren't exactly tearing it up. Maybe his main issue was talent evaluation rather than the other coaching aspects.
  14. As bad as the past few years plus this 1 game have been, they'd have been so much worse without TJD. They'd probably have been last place in the B1G bad and a loss in this game.
  15. He started out as a 5* in the early rankings for his class because he was more physically mature than many (I don't know if he just matured early or is a bit older). Then he started to drop as the rest of his class caught up to him physically. He ended up a 3* ranked around 300. I'm pretty sure a bunch of the better offers were pulled.
  16. I saw on another board that there were ~3k fans there and HH had only ~5k fans. So the turnout wasn't too bad, especially considering the lack of excitement from the more casual fans after the last 5 years coupled with COVID and the mask requirement. I also saw that they plan to do it again next year except on a Saturday with a home football game which might help attendance.
  17. So do you or don't you care? It's confusing. I could care less = I care so it is possible for me to care less I could NOT care less = I couldn't care less = I do not care so it is not possible for me to care less I agree with @bluegrassIU, you do come off as angry.
  18. If you have TMobile you can get $10/month off on YouTube tv.
  19. They just need to git gud and then they wouldn't lose players.
  20. Considering IU is going to win every NC between now and then I think the recruiting will be just fine.
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